Friday, September 9, 2011

Kershaw times three

Three card packages came in the mail yesterday, and I received this card in all three of them.

Each person behind the package had good intentions, because prior to the package's arrival I did need this Topps Lineage card.

Well ...

At least two of the people had good intentions ...

With one of the packages, I also received some other cards, including this card:

Thanks, Lost Collector. It's a '75 mini break! Boy, do I need a mini break.

With another one of the packages, I also received some cards, including this card:

Thanks, Adam. It seems odd that a Giants fan would send a card of John Roseboro, considering what a Giant did to Roseboro, but I gratefully accept the card.

And with the third package, I also received some other cards, including this ... uh ...

Funny. I thought we were in 2011. I think someone needs to try again.

Thanks for the Kershaws.

I'll be featuring the other cards from the packages at some other point.

Well, two of the packages anyway.


  1. What good is a trade package with only two cards?

  2. I probably have some cards you actually want from Lineage yet too...I've still got two more boxes to sort through but as soon as I do I'll let you know.

  3. Side note :If you check his early cards, John Roseboro is from Ashland, Ohio. About 20 minutes south of my hometown !

  4. I got that Roseboro card as part of last years Diamond Giveaway (or whatever they called it last year). I misplaced my stack of cards and finally found them, it actually came from Topps in pretty good shape.

    Can't say what happened with Roseboro was a proud Giant moment, I have have seen some interviews of him and he seems like a pretty good guy (for a Dodger).

    Glad to knock one off your need list. I have started a new stack of cards for you. Hope you enjoy the rest.