Thursday, September 8, 2011

Clayton, take me away

Wednesday was a real bummer of a day.

First, there was the horrific news of the Russian hockey team plane crash that has devastated anyone and everyone connected to the NHL.

Secondly, there is the almost catastrophic flooding and evacuations going on in many of the areas that I called home when I was growing up. Fortunately, my folks are on high ground. I called them to make sure it was high enough.

Finally, just because things were going OK for me, someone decided I would drive over something metallic and sharp in the road on my way to work, and now I get to spend undetermined hours in a tire shop tomorrow.

So, I'm looking for something brief and pleasant to take me away.

There aren't any new '75 minis around right now, so I turned to Clayton Kershaw, the happiest part of the major league season for me.

I recently picked up four cards of Kershaw. Why four? Well, it's all I could afford. But also because it got me to the magic 150-card mark. I now have 150 cards of Kershaw. Actually 151 now. I move quickly.

I hope to one day own more of his cards than any other player. But I'm in no hurry. I think his career will be long and prosperous.

On to the cards:

Card No. 147: A simple insert item from this year's Series 2 of Topps. I didn't want to wait around for anyone to send it to me.

Card No. 148: All those rack packs of Topps Chrome I bought last year and I didn't land a single orange refractor of a Dodger. Even though the chrome cards are supposedly flat this year (I wouldn't know -- I'm broke), I don't see myself buying much chrome this year. I think I O-D'd on it last year.

Card No. 149: Well, that's a familiar look at the Kershaw wind-up. Where have I seen that before? Also, Bowman has a strange idea of what blue should look like. That's not my idea of blue. It looks like blue with the flu. But Bowman suckered me in by numbering the card to 500.

Card No. 150: Not a bad card for the milestone number. The Gypsy Queen framed paper cards really are the Parallel of the Year for 2011. A heck of a lot better than the base GQ.

So, there you are. That's my brief respite from the ugly.

I'm hoping Thursday's better.


  1. Congrats on the Kershaw milestone!

  2. It's bad news where we grew up. Glad your family is ok.

  3. Nice pickups, the GQ Framed Paper and 2010 Chrome Orange refractors are probably my favorite two parallels from the last couple of years. Good stuff!

  4. Take care up there. It's really bad down here in PA (Lancaster County seems to be especially bad right now), but it sounds like NY is getting hammered, too.

    And completely unrelated, I didn't forget about getting those few football cards to you. I just haven't had time to dig them out from the mountain of team boxes in the bottom of my card closet.