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Joy of an upgraded card, #2

1976 Topps Mike Kekich

Here is Mr. Kekich, in keeping with the spirit of today's post on the other blog.

The tattered version, with the torn top edge, came out of some sort of magazine. I wish I remembered what magazine or exactly how the card was featured. I think it was two cards together printed on something that looked like a magazine subscription card, which you tore out of the magazine.

The cardboard is the same as any other baseball card. But the tearing out of the magazine would explain the shredded top of the card. It has bothered me all these years. So, I am happy that I could upgrade it.

Sadly, I don't have any fascinating story for the upgraded card. And that's why I almost always keep the older card -- because that older card tells a better story than the newer card.

And that's my story about swapping cards of a guy who swapped wives.

Except, unlike Kekich, I kept both cards.

I wouldn't recommend keeping both wives.

Or even swapping wives.

Uh ... I'm in dangerous territory.

I'll stop now.


Matt Runyon said…
I think some of the kiddie magazines had baseball cards in them. I remember some '75 cards that I cut/tore out of Dynamite magazine when I was about 9.
Mark Aubrey said…
Greg - good post. I never knew about the whole wife swapping story. Guess I should get out from under my shell.

MattR - The Dynamite Magazine Topps cards were from 1976. According to the 20058 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards:

1976 Topps/Dynamite Magazine Panels

In at least one issue of its "Dynamite" kids' magazine, Scholastic Book Club teamed with Topps to insert a six-card panel for its 1976 baseball issue.

469 Rawley Eastwick
471 Jim Burton
474 Ray Corbin
481 Rudy May
482 Tim Horsley
522 Ted Sizemore

They value an uncut panel at $20 for NM, $10 for EX and $6 for VG.

There were also other panels in future years, but I think that I'll just do a post on them.
gcrl said…
i recall cutting a 78 burt hooton out of a magazine. poorly, i might add.

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