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Cardboard appreciation, quarterfinal #4

(Why am I posting so early? I'm up this morning to go Christmas shopping. I may hate shopping, but I do enjoy doing it when everyone else is at work. It's quiet and devoid of so many things I dislike about the shopping experience. So, I appreciate being able to do my work in peace. And I appreciate baseball cards. Time for Cardboard Appreciation):

Well, if there is one player that I would pick to administer a beat-down, it might be Carlton Fisk. And that's what he did. He BEAT DOWN Hal McRae in the great Cardboard Appreciation Vote-Off, quarterfinal #3.

The grisly results:

1. Carlton Fisk, 1991 Topps: 35 votes
2. Hal McRae, 1982 Fleer: 3 votes

So Fisk joins J.R. Richard and Herb Washington in the next round. And the '82 Fleer McRae limps home.

Moving onward to quarterfinal #4. It's another 1975 Topps pairing. Here is the first card:

The '75 Carew card is great for many reasons. I love the swinging bat pose. Combine that with the All-Star, the powder blue road uniforms and the fact that it is Rod Carew, and you've got a great card.

However, this is the card that Mr. Carew is up against. It's in the top 10 of the most famous cards of the 1970s. It's an all-time favorite for a lot of folks.

So, I have a feeling this matchup isn't going to be close either. But don't listen to me. Get those voting shoes on and vote in the poll on the sidebar. Do it for me. I'm stuck shopping you know.


Matt Runyon said…
I voted for Mr. Carew for sentimental reasons. He was one of my favorite players and the cards with the "all star" designation always were worth more in trades and flipping games.
I like the Carew card. But it's the empty seats behind him that make me vote for Oscar. No, it's not. It's the hair.

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