Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cardboard appreciation, semifinal #1

(In some ways, this is a bittersweet Christmas. My daughter officially doubts the veracity of Mr. Claus. Ah, well, it was fun while it lasted. Here's to a time when I swore I heard hooves on the roof. And she did, too. I appreciate those days. Time for Cardboard Appreciation):

Even Bob Gibson wasn't tough enough to knock out what is one of those most comical baseball cards, in my mind.

Powell, featuring his goofy stance, is the last card to advance out of the Cardboard Appreciation Vote-Off quarterfinals. Here is the vote tally:

1. Boog Powell, 1975 Topps: 21 votes
2. Bob Gibson, 1968 Topps: 12 votes

So, these are the cards that advanced to the semifinals:

1. J.R. Richard, 1980 Kellogg's
2. Herb Washington, 1975 Topps
3. Carlton Fisk, 1991 Topps
4. Oscar Gamble, 1975 Topps
5. Boog Powell, 1975 Topps

With five finalists, I will have to pair two cards against each other in one semifinal and three in the other. I did the little randomizer thing and came up with the first semifinal matchup, which will be just two cards.

Here is the matchup:

A pair of fierce, no-nonsense ballplayers right there. It'll be tough to knock off a card with a photo like the one on the Fisk card. But if anyone is up to the task, it's an odd-ball card of someone who struck out 300 batters in a season twice.

That means the three remaining 1975 cards will duke it out in the next poll. Excellent!

But that's for another time. Right now, the poll for the Fisk-Richard bout is up on the sidebar. Take a moment between your Christmas wrapping (an all-day affair for me) and vote!


  1. This could easily be considered a 1 vs a 5, at least to me. The 1991 Topps set remains one of my all-time favorites.

  2. I love the Kellogg's cards, but that Fisk is just a classic.

  3. To bad those got pitted against each other so early because they are the best two in all of the semifinals.