Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Jackson 3

With one day left to vote for the best Reggie Jackson Topps card of the 1970s, it remains a close race. Any one of the following cards could win.

Right now in third place ...

... is the 1974 card with nine votes. Jackson in full follow through. Looks like he got a good pitch to hit on this swing. I wish my card wasn't so off-center.

In second place ...
... is the 1978 card. I actually expected this card to run away with the poll. But it has just 10 votes. Perhaps, some Reggie fans don't like the card because it looks like one mighty swing and miss for Reggie.

In first place is ...
... the 1970 card with 12 votes. This is a classic shot. I didn't think it would get as many votes as it did. I guess a lot of people like the young Reggie.

None of these are the cards I would have voted for (1972 and 1975 are my favorites). Shows you what I know. But almost all of the Reggie cards -- except that lousy 1973 one -- are worth supporting.

So, with one day to go, what are you waiting for? This is history, baby. Fight for your Reggie! Vote! Poll! Sidebar! Over there! Go! Do!

1 comment:

  1. Wrong, people. Wrong.

    The 1970 card should not be leading this. Don't just vote for a card because it's old. That hardly looks like Reggie.

    Reggie's best card should at least be a card where he looks like people remember him.