Thursday, January 8, 2009

Awesome night card, pt. 16

The Dodgers have made an offer to the all-time saves leader. Trevor Hoffman apparently is deciding whether he wants to pitch for the Dodgers or the Brewers this season.

The contract offers from both teams are similar, both in terms of money and length. Some might think that the Dodgers hold the advantage because Hoffman is a southern California boy, and he's pitched most of his career there. But, personally, I think he's headed to Milwaukee. Hoffman still wants to close, and the Dodgers aren't going to give a 41-year-old that opportunity when a young flamethrower like Jonathan Broxton is ready to go.

The Brewers don't have a lot in the closing department either, so that's got to be more attractive for Hoffman. Plus, what the Dodgers really need is a set-up guy, which explains why they're looking at a Juan Cruz or Guillermo Mota. As attractive as it is putting a guy with more saves than anyone else on this planet in a Dodger uniform, I say sit this one out and use the money to continue chasing Manny.

This night card, by the way, is from the 2006 Topps Updates & Highlights set. I don't think it's from the game in which he recorded his 450th save. It's probably from the All-Star Game from that year. Speaking of which, I'm still annoyed at Hoffman for blowing the National League victory in the All-Star Game a couple of years ago.

You've got to do better than that, Trevor, if you want to close for L.A.

EDIT: Hoffman has indeed chosen the Brewers. (*shoulder shrug*)


  1. i agree that he will wind up in milwaukee, but i don't bear a grudge against him. don't forget, gagne blew an nl victory in the all star game, too. besides, trevor was nice enough to facilitate some of the back to back to back to back home runs.

  2. Oh yeah, I knew there was some other major Hoffman breakdown that I was forgetting. Yeah, I'm glad he won't be pitching for L.A.