Friday, March 1, 2019

Gray days

I just tried looking for a wrapper from each edition of Heritage since I started buying packs of it back in 2007. They might be worth a blog post.

I was able to find a wrapper for every year except for 2017. That was the year Topps used the 1968 design, and given how unattractive I find that design, it's possible I never bought a loose pack of Heritage that year (that's not saying I didn't buy rack packs or blasters of it. It's just that loose pack purchases imply true devotion to a set).

I think I'll be staying away from Heritage in a similar fashion this year. That 1970 design has never done it for me, even though I'm currently trying to collect it. It's just another year of being uninspired by Heritage. Ever since Heritage entered the '60s I've been lukewarm to it.

One thing that 2019 Heritage has over 2017 Heritage is that I did buy two loose packs of it today. But that's only because I have no time and no money. Rack packs and blasters of the stuff were staring at me in the face and my first two thoughts were: "I have no money for that" and "who has the time to open all that?"

So, two loose packs of nine cards is all you get.

The wrapper for 1970 Topps/2019 Heritage is terribly flashy. Kids must've been disappointed when they opened them and all that red-and-yellow turned into dull gray.

In keeping with the boooring theme, the first pack of this I opened could possibly be the dullest pack I open all year -- and I've already opened a few duds this year.

Here is what fell out:

#126 - Max Stassi, Astros
#234 - Travis Jankowski, Padres
#181 - Ryan Yarbrough, Rays
#253 - Kyle Freeland, Rockies

Yawning already. I have only a passing familiarity with all four of those guys and no desire to learn anything more.

#NF-10 - Nixon Meets "The King," News Flashbacks insert

Finally, some excitement. The red-yellow-orange theme should continue through many of the inserts for the next few Heritage sets, that color scheme was all over the place when I was growing up. Also, my gosh, how did Elvis stand upright with all that?

#58 - Gorkys Hernandez, Giants

Your standard '19 Heritage card back. That spacing of the stats continues through another Heritage year and it's driving me crazy.

#362 - Freddie Freeman, Braves, All-Star subset

The best part of these cards is "The Sporting News" heading is BACK! I noticed this right away and then yesterday it was confirmed. Topps and The Sporting News have re-connected after several years apart. It's just too bad that they didn't make a deal before last year's Heritage because we were stuck with this:

I have never read "The Topps News" because it doesn't exist. But I have read many Sporting News going way back to when I was 12 years old.

Heritage has even reproduced the backs that were on the 1970 All-Star cards, something we missed out on in the 2018 Heritage set when Topps scrapped manager cards.

I don't know about the way they're presented though. Freeman looks like he had his head chopped off.

#113 - Lance McCullers Jr., Astros
#299 - Nicky Delmonico, White Sox

OK, I'm going ahead and saying officially, on March 1, that this is the most boring pack I'll open all year.

Let's hope the second pack is better.

 #328 - Anthony Rendon, Nationals
#96 - Daniel Poncedeleon/Dakota Hudson, Cardinals
#379 - Jorge Polanco, Twins
#144 - Joey Gallo, Rangers

Nationals, Twins and Rangers, not off to a good start. But Daniel Poncedeleon is fun to say.

#455 - Trea Turner, Nationals

This is my short-print, which is not a surprise because I attract Trea Turner cards and Paul Goldschmidt cards like I do mosquitoes.

#376 - Ryan Borucki/Sean Reid-Foley/Danny Jansen, Blue Jays

#347 - David Bote, Cubs
#319 - Dylan Bundy, Orioles

#366 - Matt Kemp, Dodgers, all-star subset

Phew! The last card saves the entire purchase.

I wish I had more to say about these cards and this set. But I've been struggling for something to say about the 1970 design since I was a kid.

I think I've done pretty good on the blog of late. But those are all links to me slowly coming around on the actual 1970 set, with the players and photographs from those times. As Heritage advances farther and father into the 1970s I have a feeling I will grow less and less interested in the players featured on the cards. That is a shame because the 1975 design is coming up in five short years and it's going to be depressing as heck seeing some dude from the Marlins that I have never heard of on the 1975 design.

Fortunately, after the 1970 design, Heritage will showcase eight consecutive designs that mean everything in the world to me. 1971-78 will be the greatest years of Heritage ever in terms of look and feel and emotion and getting me to throw money needlessly at cardboard, players I know or not.

It's been a slow slog through the '60s and now into 1970. But watch out after this.

I will be totally inspired.


  1. I kinda liked the slog through the 60's.

  2. 1970 is a horrible blip (along with 1966, which never thrilled me either) of the magic of 1965-1978 Topps baseball. I have been obsessed with those years of card since I was a kid and it continues to this day. This is why we get along so well.

  3. 3 Walmarts and a Target with no Heritage had me thinking it was a myth. Found 2 rack packs (those are the 20 card packs right) and nothing else at a Target. Not collecting flagship, Heritage is my set every year. I think it looks better with today's photography than it did with 1970's.

    Are they doing Big League again this year??

  4. I don’t mind this set. First one I ripped as a kid. Of course team set already ordered. No packs

  5. Thanks for showing the backs. I was curious if they'd go full-name like 1970 and they did. Unfortunately they didn't do Latino names like they did in 1970 otherwise it would've been "Gorkys Gustavo Hernandez (Lugo)" or "Gorkys Hernandez (Lugo)."

  6. Every King needs a kingly belt buckle.

  7. Probably a good thing I didn't see any of these at Target today. Can't see myself going after Heritage this year. I'm barely getting into flagship...

    Maybe next year the Jays rookie stars card will feature VGJR. One can only hope.

  8. I’m excited about the 1970s run too since I collected and can relate to those sets. Here we go!!

  9. I've found the best way to learn about people I've never heard if is to read their cards.

  10. If you think your pack was boring, wait until you see the one I opened!

  11. I'll be inspired in two years... assuming I'm still alive and collecting.

  12. Any post with Elvis is a winner with me.

  13. A friend told me that one of his friends dropped $93.00 for a hobby box, and did NOT get any SP's. I'd be crying to Topps if I were him. More than likely he has missed the code numbers.

  14. I too noticed instantly the change from the "Topps News" back to the original "Sporting News." It's a pretty nice Heritage set this year, but it's been better. I'm ecstatic for 2020 and 2021 though.

  15. Love the 1970 Topps/2019 Heritage wrapper. And I was one of those kids who was definitely disappointed when a pack was opened to find that that cheery red-and-yellow turned to dull gray. And yet I'll still buy this product in hopes of completing this set (nostalgia factor and all, lol).