Friday, September 16, 2016

These cards won't post themselves

I've had some nerve this week. While I've been off gallivanting at card shows and running contests, cards sent to me by well-meaning people are being neglected.

They can't post those cards to this blog themselves, and the cards certainly can't do it. So it's time I take some responsibility.

This I will handle in a single post. Most of the cards sent recently have been 2 to 4 cards at a time, which seems to be the pattern lately. I know that's all I've had time for -- just about everything I sent out this past week went out in a PWE.

I'll start with cards sent by Adam at Cardboard Clubhouse. He's in full-on Halloween mode already with a contest and everything. I'm not much of a Halloween guy, but we do both like cards so let's talk about that!

I'll start with this 1995 Pinnacle Raul Mondesi item. You know it, you love it, you see Tim Wallach taking his hacks.

But I'd like to address the back.

This must be the most blatant ad-promo Pinnacle ever produced (excluding its Denny's cards, of course). The words next to Mondesi's smiling mug might as well say, "Drink Coke, it's the real thing."

A couple of Allen & Ginter mini needs from last year.

They both happen to be A&G-backed minis, but that doesn't matter to me anymore because I don't pay attention to A&G back parallels anymore! A&G back, regular back, it's all the same to me now! I am free from Topps' tiny tyrannies! Some of them anyway! I really need to update my want list to reflect that!

Speaking of want lists, it would be wise of me to finally add OPC to the list. Canadian cards count, too, as we've known for a long time. P.S.: This card I needed.

Yay! This is my first 2006 Allen & Ginter relic card! The 2006 season was just preparation for Hong-Chih Kuo's greatest moment the following year, when Wilson Betemit, Matt Kemp and Kuo all hit home runs on consecutive pitches against the Mets' John Maine, punctuated by Kuo's bat flip.

Adam even threw in a night owl Pokemon card. I know next to nothing about Pokemon. I'll search out my daughter for meaning on this card, probably throw a "does this do anything" question at her, and she'll roll her eyes and say "I don't know" but she really does know.

Onward to a variety of oddball items from Mark Hoyle.

He certainly wanted me to do my homework with this package. I had this first item pegged. I knew it was a 1971 Topps Tattoos pairing. I've received plenty of the tattoos from 1986, but this is my first '71 selection. I like how they paired former Dodger Howard up with L.A.'s current heartthrob at the time, Wes Parker.

I had to go to Twitter for answers on the other two items. This postcard was an insert in a Magnum Comic about Snider in either 1991 or 1992 (copyright says 1992).

This beauty is a 1963 Statistic Back Exhibit of Don Drysdale. It resembles the Exhibits cards put out from the late 1940s to the early 1960s, except while most of those had blank backs, the Stat Exhibits have stats! And dried drops of glue!

There is confirmation from my Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards with that very Drysdale card.

These post-card style cards are scolding me once again to finally break down and buy pages to fit all of similar sized cards that are just waiting for me to file them. So many card voices in my head!

This card just arrived yesterday.

It's one of the remaining 1972 Topps cards that I need, a super-high number at #735. According to my want list, this means I'm down to needing nine cards. But recent developments have me thinking I need to reassess that want list yet again. Ugh. A new total is coming soon!

Anyway, this card arrived from mr. haverkamp. Unlike some of the other packages he sent me, the envelope arrived intact with no marks or anything nefarious ... well, Jim did mention the Giants in his note, but I'm ignoring that.

The last pair of cards arrived from a mystery sender.

There was no return address or any indication from where it arrived, and I have no time to do handwriting comparisons. I'll just thank the mystery person here and suffer silently with the guilt that someone emailed me earlier that they'd be sending me these two cards and I have zero memory of it.

The Valenzuela is the gold parallel version from this year's set. It arrived before I had the base card.

This card is pretty cool. Apparently there's an artist out there, Edward Vela, who is creating artwork of mostly sports figures, but also celebrities, etc., and the sports figures get their own limited cards.

This one says it's limited to nine and signed by the artist. It's a quality card on your typical card stock.

I don't know what kind of headaches are involved with creating something like this, but I'd love it if more artists did this stuff.

Thank you mystery sender!

This means I'm almost caught up (one package still waiting to see the light of the blog). I hope you enjoyed a very random selection of cards.

I'll be taking a brief break, but will be deciding the the anniversary contest winner early next week.


  1. Nice haul. Glad you enjoyed the cards I sent.

  2. Wow - that Vela art card is jaw dropping! I might have to search out his work.

  3. Great stuff in this one. Love that DD Exhibit. Bad sports art makes me cringe which is why I really like the few folks that do it well. Edward Vela is certainly one of them. I have a couple of his Billy Pierce cards and the $10 or so that I spent on them makes me regret spending $10 each on the Topps Now I ordered.