Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I think Ginter is trying to tell me something

If you've collected for long enough then you've probably done that goofy thing where you give the cards you purchase powers of knowing.

They're inanimate objects, yet sometimes, I could swear they know what I need. Or at the very least, they are trying to tell me something.

It's the only way I can explain my recent experiences with Allen & Ginter. I haven't bought a lot of 2016 A&G because I'm not trying to complete the set. But A&G is one of my first choices during impulse buys because I still like the set and, oh yes, minis.

So, speaking of minis, I pulled this one.

Now, I had pulled the same mini when I bought my first blaster of A&G and posted its contents. And I had just sent that mini to a fellow collector. So what are the odds of getting that mini again? Yeah, I know some math guy is going to tell me and say that the probability is actually not all that unusual. Don't spoil my post. The A&G cards are trying to tell me something, man! They want me to have this Orlando Cepeda mini!

So, not long after that, I picked up a rack pack of A&G, again solely for the minis. One of the minis that fell out was this one:

Heavens to Murgatroyd, this is the second time I've pulled this mini. What are the odds of pulling two of the same mini twice, math guy?

I know that A&G wants me to have this mini, but I sent it to a fellow collector, and then I sent the second one I pulled to another fellow collector!

I fully expect to pull a third Pedroia mini within the next month.

Ginter's gentle hinting isn't confined to minis either.

The Tom Murphy card at the top of the post is one of the short-prints. It's card No. 336.

But given my limited A&G purchasing I don't know how to explain this:

I had no idea who Tom Murphy was the first time or two I pulled his card.

But then something happened that sent a chill up my spine.

One of our sportswriters did a story on Murphy. It turns out he grew up an hour from me. I don't necessarily collect players who came from the same area that I did or lived near where I live, but I know a lot of collectors who do and apparently Ginter thinks I should!

Unfortunately, Ginter, I have no intention of collecting a Colorado Rockie, no matter how many Tom Murphy cards you throw at me.


  1. Given Topps' collation, the odds are 100%

  2. I have picked up two boxes of Heritage High Numbers so far and have pulled duplicates of two SPs, among many other cards. Pathetic.

  3. I think everyone should send Night Owl their Tom Murphy cards.

  4. Every year or two, it seems there's one guy I keep getting in all the stuff I open. Ivan Nova was one a couple years ago (or Ivanova, as I call him. Google that...) Keep seeing Kennys Vargas cards in 2016...

  5. Holy Murphy! I have that problem to with pulling certain players every year. Never the best ones either.

    By the way, it seems my blog reading list crashed and I wasn't alone in this as a few other bloggers said this about blogger. So I am having to go back through and re-add everyone. You are back on my list! I was pretty sure I was on your list to but I dont' see myself. Not sure if blogger did something with that too. Thanks and keep up the great work!