Friday, September 2, 2016

C.A.: 1976 SSPC Luis Tiant

(Welcome to my least favorite holiday of the year. Labor Day, a harbinger of the chaos to come around here, is merely a one-day reprieve for me, not a three-to-four-day cookout. But I suppose it could be worse: I could be out on the highways this weekend. Time for Cardboard Appreciation. This is the 245th in a series):

Months ago, I boldly set a date for when I would start the Top 100 Cards of the 1970s Countdown.

That date has since come and gone. And there's been no countdown.

The entire month that housed that date has come and gone. And no countdown.

I promise there still will be a countdown.

One of the reasons for the delay is that there remainsl a couple of cards out there that I want to get because I think they probably would make the top 100. Another reason is I haven't finished compiling a list of the candidates for the final 100. Anytime I think about doing it, it seems like a chore. And I hate it when this blog becomes a chore.

So I'll wait until it stops seeming like a chore to me.

It'll pass. And when I'm ready, you better be ready. Because a freight train of fantastic, groovy '70s cards will be headed your way all in countdown format -- in other words, The Lost Collector's favorite organizational device.

So, stop looking at me that way, Luis Tiant. The countdown is coming. You may even be on it.

It'll just be in my own sweet time.


  1. Hard to believe I was patiently awaiting this sets arrival back in the mail in 1976. I remember ordering the set and somehow (Sports Collectors Digest??) finding out that there would be a delay in shipping because Topps put a temporary stop to them issuing their cards. Never the less it came one day and gave us all those great 70's gems.

  2. Luis looks like "You talkin' to me....?"