Monday, September 26, 2016

Card show proxies

I don't like missing card shows, because there are so few of them and they're shrinking by the year. So even though I was lucky enough to go to an unexpected show a couple of weeks ago, it's still eating me up that there is another show next month staring me in the face that I am going to miss.

It is very much like me to focus on what I can't have instead of what I do have. Getting myself converted to a more positive way of thinking is a constant battle.

So this is my attempt to focus on the PRO column in my hobby life, rather than the CON column.

I may have just a couple of card shows to attend each year, but I also have many other card shows available to me from around the country. That's the benefit of writing a semi-well-read blog. People read about what you like, go to their show in Dreamland, Arizona, or wherever, and -- wham! -- you have card show cards in your possession.

I like to call these people who go to a card show in distant lands "card show proxies." I don't necessarily commission them to get cards for me, but still the cards arrive from them. You want to talk about a hobby positive? That's one right there.

In Texas, apparently, there was a card show recently. Commishbob went to it and, no doubt, brought home a pile of vintage. He also sent some to me, as my latest card show proxy.

Let's see what he blessed me with:

Not many people seemed to care about my '77-84 TCMA post about Larry "Nap" Lajoie, but keep sending cards from this set to me. I love them. I own the Hodges card already, but this will simply go in the set-build quest. One day you will see a want list, and then expect me to bore the heck out of you with these for repeated posts.

This 1970 Bill Singer Story Booklet represents an upgrade over the one I already own. Here is the other one.

It's sad that Connie's story booklet is being replaced, so maybe I can read the story in her honor.

Once upon a time, this dude played baseball and basketball at the same time. Yup, Bill Singer invented Baseketball and is very bitter about not receiving credit. He doesn't like finishing second.

It's been years since pitchers were able to drill holes into bats with fastballs. That's how watered down today's game is. Or how shoddy the bats were then.

Here, the Bill Singer story tells you how the win is meaningless, even though three of the four panels are about the win.

And that's the Bill Singer story, Connie. You can have your storybook back. I have an extra.


Moving on to another set in touch with its comic side. The Commish found a bunch of '56 cards in the 50 cents stack. He said some of these might be just fillers for the time being, but I'll be the judge of that.

Yeah, I guess there's a couple I may replace someday, but right now I'm just too giddy about all of those '56s in one spot.

Plus one card from the previous year, and a Dodger card I needed!

The final card I'm showing is something I'd never be able to get at a card show, because I don't know the dealers all that well.

This is very cool!

Nomo signed, Bob said, for a dealer friend of his. Weeeee! This card allows me to boast of a Hideo Nomo trifecta -- a rookie card, relic card and autograph card.

Part of me would like to know more about the circumstances of this autograph: where was the dealer when Nomo signed, etc. But ... no, I am committed to the positive here: There is no way I would find a Nomo autographed card if I went to a card show.

And that's why I have card show proxies.

When you can't be there yourself, they get the job done.


  1. '56 Topps at 50 cents????!!! Yes to that all day long!!

  2. Greg the dealer that got me the Nomo sig has been a friend since we worked together in the mid 70s at the old Houston Post. He owned a Houston card shop for about 40 years until he retired a couple of years back. He still works promoting card shows and has tables at them. He got all his cards signed thru private signings or on Spring Training trips he made. I trust him.

    I'm glad the vintage filled holes, even as filler. I'm always afraid I'm reading wantlists wrong when I'm bent over cheap vintage boxes looking at them on my phone.

  3. And then 7 years after that storybook, Singer threw the first pitch in snowy Toronto

  4. I did the local card show Sunday morning. No progress on completing my current Opening Day set, but I had fun with the dime and quarter boxes. Big dime box find: a 2010 "1st Bowman Card" of Corey Seager!

  5. any condition vintage is just fine compared to not having one at all, yes sir jimbob. nice proxy!

  6. I've wanted a Nomo autograph for a while because at my last job I had work with results of something called a "Nomograph" and that would always make me think that would be a cute nickname for a Nomo autograph. Would love to see certified autos of him start popping up in Topps products. They hit us over the head with the likes of Mark Prior recently, yet no Nomo autos, you know?