Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Brought to you in living color

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An indication that I spent too much yesterday was the blaster of Bowman Platinum sitting in the house for the second half of the day.

I don't know what came over me. I barely buy blasters of things I like anymore, let alone Bowman Platinum, a set I've dismissed since it first came out half a decade ago. But in my recent good mood about cards, it seemed like an appropriate choice. Platinum is back after a year absence and this time, instead of that stainless steel motif that plagues it year after year, it is in living COLOR.

(It's interesting what "in living color" means to different generations. To me, it means the NBC peacock that used to come on before shows. To a younger generation, it means the Fox sketch comedy show from the early '90s).

The color that I saw in other blogs' posts of the set is what got me. Yeah, it's still flimsy, shiny foilboard and I've never heard of 25 percent of the players, but the color helps a little bit -- at least enough to plunk down a $20 bill one time.

Basically what I'm looking for are a Dodger or two and some cards to send to people.

Here is the breakdown. I'll feature the best card from each of the seven packs:

Pack 1

#63 - Kenta Maeda, Dodgers
#4 - Carl Edwards, Cubs
#61 - Freddie Freeman, Braves
#TP-YG - Yeudy Garcia, Pirates (top prospect)

It's about time that I pulled a Maeda card with my very own hands. The box is a success.

Pack 2

#88 - Robert Stephenson, Reds
#70 - Sonny Gray, A's
#NG-12 - Carlos Correa, Astros, New Generation insert, purple parallel
#TP-JH - Jeff Hoffman, Rockies (top prospect)

The purples are numbered to 250. New Generation does the backdrop logo thing that is all the rage in 2016. I hope we see it again next year.

Pack 3

#92 - Madison Bumgarner, Giants
#80 - Jose Altuve, Astros
#NG-4 - Dylan Bundy, Orioles, Next Generation insert
TP-JW - Jesse Winker, Reds (top prospect)

That is the Next Generation insert without the purple thumbprint. 

Pack 4

#73 - Edwin Encarnacion, Blue Jays
#49 - Jake Arrieta, Cubs
#56 - Jameson Taillon, Pirates
#TP-NW - Nick Williams, Phillies (top prospect)

Nothing exciting here. Thought I'd show you the laser waves that appear on the top prospect cards.

Pack 5

#54 - Wil Myers, Padres
#91 - Sean Manaea, A's
#NGP-25 - Alex Jackson, Mariners (Next Generation Prospects insert)
#TP-GH - Grant Holmes, Dodgers (top prospect)

Topps fell in love with that stupid "D" cap the Dodgers wore during spring training. That's what I have to remember ex-Dodger Holmes by. Also, apparently there are Next Generation Prospect inserts, too, because of course).

Pack 6

#67 - Dee Gordon, Marlins

#31 - Cole Hamels, Rangers
#TP-JR - Jomar Reyes, Orioles (top prospect), purple parallel
#TP-FT - Fernando Tatis Jr., White Sox (top prospect)

Players from the '90s now have kids who are prospects. That is alarming.

Pack 7

#12 - Brian McCann, Yankees
#90 - Taylor White, Astros
#NG-18 - Jacob deGrom, Mets, Next Generation insert
#TP-WJ - Wander Javier, Twins (top prospect)

The deGrom looks better on the scan than in real life, but you know how shiny cards work.

 You get a pack of fancy parallels with each blaster. Here is what was in mine:

Josh Donaldson, Blue Jays
A.J. Pollock, Diamondbacks
Juan Lopez, Diamondbacks
Ian Happ, Cubs

I don't know what these are called, but if the word "spectral" isn't in the name, that's a missed opportunity. They are very sparkly in a 3-D way, and if I was less rational, I would collect them all.

Instead I'll just stew about how there were two Diamondbacks in my pack.

Overall, Platinum is still not a set for me and not the most intelligent use of my disposable income. But you know me and cards and color.

If you get the warm fuzzies for Upper Deck Spectrum from 2008, then this set is for you. Otherwise, ignore it like I've done for the previous five years.


  1. Do you have an extra wrapper with Moncada

  2. EE & JD would be given a good home here if they are not already spoken for

  3. If you're trading the Altuve (HOU), White (HOU), deGrom (NYM), Javier (MIN) I'd love a shot at them.

  4. I like how the "laser waves" are in back and in front of the player photo. Pretty slick looking if you ask me!


  6. Completely pointless comment: If you took that Grant Holmes card and covered up his face (and the Dodger logos), he reminds me of a young Frank Viola... It's mostly the hair.

  7. I've always liked the look of the Bowman Platinum set, but then again, I like refractors a good deal.

  8. Rookies, Prospects, and shiny at the same time? This must be the most popular set of the year.

    And I have no interest whatsoever. They don't look horrible, though.

  9. Dang, I guess I should've gone the blaster route if I was hoping to pull any numbered stuff. Hit me with those Cubbies if they aren't yet spoken for.