Wednesday, June 8, 2016

More tales from a cluttered mind

I can safely say that last month's trip out of state in which I stumbled across a card show I knew nothing about and landed a handful of high-numbered 1970s wants will be my triumphant hobby moment of the year. Nothing will top it. And nothing should top it.

But when you get to my age, absolutely nothing is perfect. Everything has a down side. Everything.

Take the card above. It's a semi-high number from 1972 that was one of the cards I landed for a mere 80 cents at that surprise show.

But I already owned it.

Here you go:

Granted, I upgraded while not knowing I was upgrading, but still the objective here is not to spend money on dupes unless that is the plan.

It turns out this was a simple clerical error. I typed in No. 526 on my want list at some point when I meant No. 527. So I actually needed Dave Leonhard of the Orioles (still do, in fact) and not Bailey.

All it takes apparently is a simple typo for me to lose all memory of owning a card. As usual, I'm going to blame this on life throwing pointless details and minor hassles at me to drown out what's really important -- my collection.

But the problem is, it happened again. At the same show.

This is another of the six cards I received from that Vermont dealer who let me have the whole lot for five dollars. It's a definite contender for the top 100 cards of the '70s, so I knew I had to have it.

Except I did already have it.

I purposely acquired it, too, for the countdown.

You can read all about it here, which wasn't all that long ago, and also includes a life lesson on when life doesn't go your way -- particularly when Blogger doesn't publish your posts when you say you want it to AND when you acquire cards you already own.

So none of what's going on right now is anything new. But the fact that I don't remember that all of this happened all at the same time at least once before is another sign of a cluttered mind.

Welcome to Night Owl Cards, where you can expect to see posts repeating the same thoughts and new acquisitions of cards that I have already acquired.

Enjoy the descent into senility.

I am officially embracing it as of now.

There is a '72 Bob Bailey and a '73 John Ellis available for trade.


  1. Been there done that blogged about it on my Nats blog

  2. Hmm... I'd take the Bailey :)

  3. I hate when I do that too. Every acquisition can seem key when working on vintage high-numbers. At least they were upgrades though.

  4. I've done that on COMC a few times. Most recently was during this past weekend's big spring cleanup sale, I bought the same card twice in one day, somewhere around 10 cards apart. Not my finest hour (though the card in question is still pretty awesome).

    1. I did the same thing on COMC this weekend... I was inadvertently working off an older wantlist and bought a 1962 Gus Bell that I already have. Fortunately I caught my mistake before I shipped my cards, so I was able to put it back out there for sale.

  5. um, wait a minute I forgot what i was gonna say.

  6. I just bought a Bowman auto of a Yankee. I bought the same card only 6 weeks ago. It's not like I got it year ago and forgot. I got it in April and forgot.

  7. I made a paper listing of my collection to keep that from happening and it still happens. Even when I would take the listing with me it would happen. I don't think there is any way to prevent it without having a photographic memory, and how many of us have that?

  8. I get so many dupes of my player collections, even though when they arrive, I check them off my website, which is the complete list of that guy from Beckett. Then they move to the room next door where they are put in the proper binder. Even with that system of physical separation, I find so many that are already in the binders. It's almost like my website reverts back to a previous version of the page or something. Probably just me thinking I checked them off already and not doing it before I move them over.
    It's getting to be that I'll have a 20%+ dupe rate for any purchase I make any more.