Saturday, January 19, 2013

Inspiration for something that probably won't happen

I am supposed to go to a card show this weekend.

If you've been following this blog for a few years, you know that this is the card show that I make maybe half the time. It's not because I'm disorganized or lazy. I really, really, really want to go. But living where I do, card shows an hour away in late January are pretty much pointless.

Out of nowhere, the weather forecast has become iffy and the conditions quite possibly treacherous. Funny how that always happens on the weekend.

If, by some minor miracle, I make the card show, I will be doing a little snooping around in discount boxes. I won't call them "dime boxes" because those don't exist where I live. I'll settle for 50-cent and dollar boxes.

For inspiration -- for a card show that I won't be at and for finding dime boxes that won't appear -- I thought I'd show some cards that did come from dime boxes from Nick, at, you guessed it, "Dime Boxes."

He sent me some Dodgers!

Wanna see?

I knew you did.

This is one of those Upper Deck cards from the mid-1990s when UD was releasing all sorts of sets that I still haven't pinned down. This is from 1994 UD BAT something-or-other. Card looks pretty cool, although it's printed on shockingly thin paper stock.

You'll note a mid-1990s theme to these cards.

One of the most notable baseball moments of the mid-1990s was the advent of interleague play, something I disliked from the beginning. But at the time, everyone was so giddy over it that they made cards in tribute to it. And now I'm stuck with an Angel on my card. Score one more for interleague play!

Ugh. Players stretching on baseball cards should be outlawed.

But this is tremendous. 1996 Pinnacle Zenith was one of several over-the-top sets from this period. I like these. I think I have the Piazza already, I've got to check.

Best one of all. It's a Hideo Nomo card I need for the player collection. Getting closer to 400.

Nick always finds something I can't possibly track down. Without even looking, I know that these cards aren't listed anywhere. They're perforated reprints from Renata Galasso, so they're probably late '70s/early '80s thingies.

They're also flimsy. I wonder if these came out of the nickel box?

Ah, the lesser Guerrero.

In order, these are the Dodger players that I can't wait to have all their cards, so I never have to say "Oh, I need that one ... of that guy I don't really like."

3. Wilton Guerrero
2. Karim Garcia
1. Kevin Brown

OK, that was mean. Let me revise:

3. Karim Garcia
2. Kevin Brown
1. J.D. Drew

That's better.

These probably didn't come out of a dime box.

They're two Dodgers from Panini Cooperstown that I didn't have yet.

I still haven't completed want lists for late 2012 issues, so I have no idea if I need any more Dodgers with half their heads cut off.

OK, big finish:

Somebody found me a Ron Cey Dodger card I don't have already!

Fancy shiny, eh?

Not designed well at all, but you see all that shiny and it doesn't matter anymore. Shiiiiiiiiiiiii-nnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I think I'll stare at it for the next day and forget all about the card show that's going on that I can't get to even though it's an hour away.

(If you see a card show report on this blog two days from now, forget this post ever happened).


  1. Nick always finds some nice Doyers to send from his dime box adventures. Topps may start adding Kevin Brown to the list of retired players that they still show on new cardboard.

  2. Glad everything got there safely!

    Nice to see that I found a few Dodgers you didn't have already. And yes, all of them except the Panini Cooperstown pair and the Cey came out of dime boxes. :)

    I've actually had the Cey in my collection for a while, but I figured it'd be better in your hands.

    And you were close on those reprints. They came from a 12/$1 box.

    Again, glad you liked everything, Greg!

  3. All my Kevin Brown cards just found their way into your trade stack.

  4. I'm six days away from my annual TriStar show visit. I remember when there was a fair sized show in Houston monthly. I made them all. I don't know how I was able to put my kids through college with all the $$$ I spent at them.

  5. The Reneta Galasso T206 reprints are from 1983. Aside from the perforated edges, the biggest differences between an original T206 and the Galasso reprints are the larger borders, the black print (original T206s are more brown when you look at them real close) and the different colored backs (Sweet Caporal cards never had green or blue backs when released).

    I'm also partial to the Nap Rucker, since it is one of the better NL pitcher cards in the set.