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Card show prep, take 2

I've taken a week to recuperate from last weekend's THERE'S A CARD SHOW-THERE'S NOT A CARD SHOW-THERE'S A CARD SHOW roller coaster. But I'm stronger than ever. The want list is wordier, the cash budget is bulkier, and my hair is fuller, for some odd reason.

There is no weather to get in the way this time, so I'm confident I'll get what I want.

And this is what I want:

1. 1960s Dodgers.

Lists are only a guideline, of course. I always leave with something I didn't expect to obtain when I first walked into the building. But I am determined to knock some more 1960s Dodgers off my want list. They're the first things listed, and my first order of business will be to head straight to the table that I know has '60s cards and immediately ask for the mid-1960s high numbers binder.

I may have no cash left over for anything else, but it will be worth it.

2. 1977 Topps.

I will happily complete my 1977 set at this show if I can. I believe I need only 22 cards -- I still need to do some want list adjusting -- and it shouldn't cost me too much. I'm already starting to look forward to working on 1979 Topps, so the end is almost here.

3. 1972 Topps.

Every card show I go in thinking I'm going to put a dent in my '72 set and most times I leave without a single 1972 cards. The high numbers are cramping my enthusiasm. I have to get over that. But I have a feeling this won't be the show for that. If I grab any '72s, it will be only 3 or 4, I'm sure.

4. 2012 Allen & Ginter.

I should actually try to find these cards first. I usually can find only one dealer with this stuff, and the high numbers disappear fast. I need just two cards from the set and both are high numbers. However, if I don't get them there, I have a couple trades in the works, so I'll get them one way or another. Which is good, because I'm sick of looking at this thing.

5. Allen & Ginter minis.

The last two times I've gone to this show, I've found A&G minis in the discount boxes. I really need to work on my A&G frankenset. There's no way I should have Carlos Lee or an auto racer in my frankenbinder. And if you think that's not so bad, how about Jason Kubel minis from different years right next to each other?This will not stand.

6. Page needs.

Isn't that beautiful?

While I won't turn down a 1956 Dodger at this show -- I think I'll have to get the Gil Hodges card that I put back the last time -- my main objective is to find a few 8-pocket pages. I've got oversized cards from the '50s just flapping in the breeze, and that's unconscionable.

7. Oddballs!

Of course! I've seen binders of Hostess and Kellogg's. I wouldn't mind going through those again. But if not, I'll find some stuff in the discount boxes, I'm sure.

And that will be that.

I've got a couple people to shop for at this show, but not many. Still, I turn up things for people without even thinking about it. Kind of part of being a card blogger.

OK, I think I need to go to my quiet place. The card show buzz is starting to hit already.


Brad's Blog said…
Nice list good luck!
Roy-Z said…
I'll be attacking 2012 A&G as well, but my list is loftier.

I know I should be preparing more, but Collectorsfest just doesn't fit my needs so much.

I'll be sifting through cheapo bins, mostly, and grabbing some supplies.
Nick said…
Best of luck at the show!

Looking forward to seeing what you find.
arpsmith said…
Good luck at the show! I hope you can score on at least a few of your wants.
Spiegel83 said…
I will have to dig up some Ginter minis to send your way. I am sure that I could find a better mini than a Carlos Lee.
JediJeff said…
If you find any 2012 A&G, and there is a #306 in the box, think of. Please?
Community Gum said…
Good luck at the show! Can't wait to see the write-up. I think I'm going to save up for the national and go hog wild.
Fuji said…
Damn... that 8 pocket page of 56's is sweet looking. Hope you find the Hodges and everything else on your want list.
beefman said…
Have a great show! I can't wait to see the cards you score...

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