Friday, December 7, 2012

Where does everybody go at this time of year?

Every year at this time, readership takes a dip. A noticeable dip.

I haven't taken note of this for only a year or two. I've noticed it for each of the five years I've been blogging in November and December.

I understand why, to a point. After all, I suddenly find myself with even less time to look at blogs than ever before.

But I blame most of that on the traditional end-of-the-year crunch. Holidays and all the usual "get-it-done" busy work that pops up before the new year.

What puzzles me is that this drop in readership always comes in November. December I understand. But a noticeable slowdown at the start of November, I don't get.

I don't get it because the drop seems to be related to the fact that some people apparently lose interest in cards during these months. I don't get it because I am always interested in cards. Always. I am like the most dedicated athlete that you have ever known when it comes to cards. There is NO OFFSEASON.


A card "offseason"? Never heard of it.

Card companies don't stop producing cards just because the baseball season ends. They used to. But not anymore. Card shops and online businesses don't stop selling cards just because the baseball season ends.

Therefore, I'm not going to stop buying them, and, especially not going to stop talking about them.

In the darkness of November, December and January, we need baseball cards more than ever. And I'm going to be here to supply them for those needy souls.

Fortunately, there are a few folks that think like me. Because they still send me cards.

For example, reader R.C. who sent me another cool package the other day. He called  it a "stocking stuffer." He understands. You still must collect cards at this time of year. What else are you going to get people for Christmas?

So, this is what he sent me, at this time of year, when some people don't care about cards.

Four fantastic 1975 minis. Star players all.

I especially like the Ron Santo mini, not because I enjoy Santo in a White Sox uni, although it amuses me somewhat.

I like it because the following is the Santo mini that I've carted around for decades:

It's good to finally have a Santo mini that's screwed on straight.

R.C. also sent me this 1967 Don Drysdale card.

This is the first Drysdale card I ever acquired back when I was a teenage collector. I was thrilled to own a card of a days-gone-by player who was such a storied part of Dodger history.

Needless to say that card is in somewhat ratty condition (but holds quite a bit of meaning). So this is a welcome upgrade.

Gil Hodges!!!

Sure he's a Met, but ... Gil Hodges!!!!

It's amazing how much you will let go when it's from 1963.

Thrilling card.

But as fantastic as those cards are, I wasn't truly blown away by the package until I saw the next card.

It's the card to which I referred in the last post. I decided I wouldn't make you wait any longer.

Here it is:

It's my first "playing era" Pee Wee Reese.

It's also the first time I've ever seen the 1957 Pee Wee Reese. I don't know how this card has escaped my view for so many years -- I have cards like the '53 Bowman Reese, the '56 Topps Reese and the '58 Topps Reese burned in my brain. But this one had totally missed me.

So you can imagine how great it was to see an image of a player I knew so well for the first time.

And you'll see the image again, when the countdown resumes.

So, thank goodness for people like R.C., who doesn't put down his cards when the last out in the World Series is made.

Who continues to read card blogs in the bleak days of November and December.

Who isn't distracted by football or basketball or ... uh, well, that sport that isn't coming back for a long, long time.

Who can still muster a whale of a stocking stuffer even if baseball isn't on everyone's minds.

As for those who aren't reading now?

All I can say, is they're missing out. There's still plenty of good stuff going on.

And as for me, I'll keep reading as long as you keep posting.

No matter when.


  1. I had a huge dip in November readership as well. However, I attributed it to my lack of inspiring posts... My December readership is better than last month, but probably a good 100 daily visitors or so fewer than the summer. I guess people are tired of trade stacks and Skybox metal packs, who knew?

  2. My numbers are down too...I figured it was because the Cubs were so lousy.
    By the way, you didn't mention that the four minis are all wearing he wrong uniforms...they should be in blue pinstripes!

  3. so that's what a 57 reese looks like without tape residue. my copy is in far worse shape, but it's still a fantastic card.

  4. I have like four readers so a 'dip' to me means having three. ;-)

    I know I have a lot more on my plate at this time of year. Plus I'm one of those people who is distracted by football. I put a lot of time and effort into my fantasy league and both my blogging and blog reading slip.

  5. That's a great card of Pee Wee.

    Seeing my favorite player, Billy Williams, on an A's card was painful back in 1975.

  6. What an awesome package of vintage cards... truly amazing.

    As a teacher, I actually probably read and comment more in November & December, because of the Thanksgiving and X-mas breaks.

    I usually slow down during the summer, because of my annual contest.

  7. My readership ebbs and flows all the time anyways. Not sure why. Comments take a dip in these months as well.

    Great vintage lot. The Pee Wee is vintage gold. I may have enough cards to send your way soon. There is no off season!

  8. Post some Garbage Pail kids if you need a cheap spike in numbers. I've done it twice in 2 years and both are far and away the most viewed post I've ever done.

  9. I'm definitely still reading, although my blog has switched focus for a little bit, baseball will always be the top dog in my book, in season or not.

  10. I had a second look at the Reese. Love the card. How did those guys play so well with those geeky little gloves?

    And I can't sell the Drysdale short. I wonder what made the Topps photographers want pitchers to gaze up like that as they finished their fake follow-thru? It's like the pitcher is following the flight of a foul ball.

  11. There's always good stuff here...always.

  12. My readership sucks but it probably hs to do with the fact that I haven't wrote a post in a month and before that it was a month again.

    November is a tough time for me now that I am in AZ because the weather is so perfect. It is soccer season so my kids have practices all week and games on Saturday. I referee tournaments tto so when they are not playing soccer I'm on a field anyway. So since my weeknights and weekends are shot my readership only happens only when I get some spare time at work. That is why you posted this on Friday and I am just getting around to reading it on Monday.