Sunday, January 17, 2010

Offerman is just plain "off"

Perhaps you have read about the latest incident involving former Dodger shortstop Jose Offerman. It happened Saturday night in a Dominican winter league game. If you are unaware, you can read about it here. And you can watch the disturbing video here.

I don't know what the umpire said, but he certainly didn't deserve THAT.

If Roberto Alomar missed making the Hall of Fame because he spat on an umpire, Offerman's chances of making the Hall are definitely out.

Well, for the punching-the-umpire reason, and all of the, um, errors.


  1. Wow. I was almost willing to believe that Offerman's Atlantic League meltdown was an isolated incident, and now this.

  2. Jose Offerman used to be on the same bowling team as Ugueth Urbina.

    True story

  3. Jose didn't handle himself well here, but this isn't all on him. First, the umpire escalated things when he crossed his arms in front of him ad pushed them towards Offerman. Then, he punch that Offerman threw looked more like a pro wrestling elbow that didn't solidly connect, but the ump decided to do a good Bill Laimbeer and flop.

    If anything, this umpire and Offerman need to call Ric Flair for lessons on how to properly choreograph a fight.

  4. at least he didn't shoot anybody...