Friday, January 15, 2010

Awesome night card, pt. 68

A little while ago, Jim, of the efficiently brief garveyceyrusselllopes blog, presented this card as part of his regular "team collector dilemma" series.

His question was whether a team collector would consider this Ed Goodson card a Dodger card. This is one of those cards from the 1975/76 SSPC set. I've read that it was called "the pure card set," because all of the writing was on the card backs.

Even though Ed Goodson is pictured here as a Giant, he is listed on the back as a Dodger, which was his current team at the time of this set's release.

When I saw Jim's post, I was undecided about whether this was a Dodger card or not. And since I didn't have the card, I was a bit relieved that I didn't have to make a final decision.

Well, guess who sent me the card?

Jim wants me to make a decision.

So, I've made one. It is definitely a Dodger card.

Goodson is listed as a Dodger. Any other card that I have that lists a player as a current Dodger -- no matter what uniform they are wearing -- goes in my Dodger binder.

But, also, it goes in a binder because I must feature this fantastic card properly. It's a night card. It's a white-man's Afro card. The world must be told. Also I have precious few SSPC cards and they all need to be preserved.

The alternative is to consider this a Giant card. And that would mean banishing it to a dark, windowless cardboard box.

Ed deserves better. He's a Dodger. For good.


  1. I just "won" an SSPC Giants team set on eBay. It'll be interesting to see if this card is included. It probably won't

  2. to be exact, i believe ed is sporting the 'peter brady' look from the last season of 'the brady bunch'. one of his many looks - he reminds me of 'magnum pi' on his 1978 topps card.

  3. When I first say the photo I thought it was Ross Grimsley, another proud wearer of the white man's afro. I remember Jim Northrup getting the grey white man's afro in the mid 70s when he was traded to the Orioles late in his career. For some reason, Joe Garigiola, (who did NOT have a white man's afro) wanted to talk about that during a Game of the Week broadcast and that has now been brought up in my memory.

    You're right -- classify as a Dodger card.

  4. My first thought was Peter Brady.