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This card appeared in my most recent 1985 Topps blog post. It's Joe Orsulak's rookie card.

It is now missing.

I don't know what the heck I did with it but I can't find it anywhere. And now there's a temporary hole in my complete 1985 Topps AND Traded set (there are only a dozen sets in my collection that can claim the "AND Traded" part).

Fortunately I am pretty busy these next few days because I need to keep busy or that little bit of sadness from losing this card will well up inside me and ... well, seeing a veteran card collector cry in the corner is never pretty.

The Orsulak card could be anywhere. I did a lot of card things yesterday, immediately after posting the Orsulak card. He could be in the middle of any number of stacks. There is a stack in front of my desk computer of cards to be cataloged. I most often put the latest '85 Topps card to be blogged on top of that stack. But, maybe it's somewhere in the middle of the stack.

I scanned and combed through a whole bunch of 1982 Fleer cards yesterday. Maybe Orsulak got caught up in all those cards somewhere. I'm continuing to file my 2018 cards, and Orsulak could be in any number of those stacks.

Worst of all, I put together a few trade envelopes and mailed them out yesterday. Could I have shipped Orsulak off in one of those packages?

If Collector's Crack, Baseball Cards Come to Life!, Hoarding Cardboard, Remember the Astrodome or Community Gum find a 1985 Orsulak card inexplicably mixed in with their cards, now you know why. And please send it back!

I like to consider myself somewhat organized in my hobby. But I am forever leaving a card or two throughout rooms in the house. I'll forget and put a card on a shelf in the bathroom and find it there several hours later. Or it's on a bench in the bedroom or on the bed rest in the spare room or on the bannister.

But I always find them. Orsulak? I've got no idea.

The freaky thing is Orsulak has been an elusive card in the past for me. Orsulak's 1986 Topps card was the last one I needed to complete the '86 set. That was long ago during the early month of this blog and I made a bit of a stink about it and ended up with four 1986 Orsulaks.

I somewhat expect that to happen this time with the 1985 Traded Orsulak. Or everyone will avoid being such an enabler and let me tear apart the house looking for one stupid card.

I tell you one thing -- I am NOT ordering up another Orsulak Traded card. It may be four years before I come across the lost Orsulak card -- and it may kill me -- but I can't be buying another card that I know is around somewhere.


I bet it's with the 82' Fleer.
GTT said…
I have some cards that are just lost. For example, I KNOW i used to have a 1971 Topps Gaylord Perry card but now it's just gone. Even sadder, at my 1st card show I got a Triple Threads Aroldis Chapman jersey card 14/18- for $2!- and I haven't seen it for years! It's kind of weird.
Sean said…
The sad fact is that in most missing Orsulak rookie card cases if they don't turn up in the first 24 hours, they are probably gone forever. I say this as a guy who has worked a lot of missing Orsulak rookie card cases.

I'm so sorry for your loss.
EP said…
That would be a good blog bat around, the best card you ever lost.
Laurens said…
It’s probably sitting in a safe place somewhere but you forgot where you squirreled the card away - it happens.
Fuji said…
This happens to me more often than I'd like to admit and it usually involves sets that I'm building. Hope the Orsulak pops up sooner than later.
Commishbob said…
Looked thru my meager '85 supply, no Joe O. Yours will pop up when you're looking for something else. Wish I had a T206 for every time that has happened to me.
Bo said…
I'll let you know if I see it.
Big Tone said…
My 1990 Donruss John Olerud RC has been missing for years now.I'm starting to think I didn't have one to begin with.
Mark Hoyle said…
Happens more than I want to admit. Must be our age catching up with us
GCA said…
There's a 1959 Duke Snider floating around in the Lost Items room in Heaven (two doors down from the balloon room in the West Hall) that was in my possession for a few months one summer. Haven't seen it since. I replaced it a little while later. Still waiting to find it in a set of 1980s football or something.

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