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The want list is up for the three-legged dog of sets

I hadn't planned on putting up a want list for 1982 Fleer until I completed either the 1981 or 1983 Fleer sets. I'm juggling so many card things as it is.

But the 1981 Fleer set is down to six cards -- I received another off the want list the other day. I decided to put the rest of my '81 Fleer wants on my Nebulous 9 list. Yeah, that makes 10 cards on the Nebulous 9 (hence, the name "nebulous"), but there's no way anyone is sending me the 2011 Update Matt Kemp ToppsTown card anytime soon, so it might as well be nine.

So, the end is in sight for the '81 Fleer set and that's good enough for me. The three-legged dog set is now up on my want lists.

I've called 1982 Fleer the three-legged dog of sets since the early days of the blog. The '82 set gets a lot of grief. It's filled with errors, intentional or not. Many of the photos are blurry or dark. The cropping on some of the shots is downright bizarre.

But for those, and other reasons -- check out the card above -- I can't help but love it, just like I can't help but love a three-legged dog. The dog is greater than the sum of its parts. And the same can be said about 1982 Fleer.

I actually prefer 1982 Fleer over any 1980s Fleer set other than 1984 and possibly 1985. That's how attached I am to that lost set. I guess I just love reclamation projects.

I still need to check my Dodgers duplicates to see whether any can go in the '82 set completion quest. So for all of you people checking out that list right NOW, know that anything listed as a want between the numbers of 1 and 29 is probably suspect.

So, yeah, I think 2019 will be the year of cleaning out a whole bunch of 1980s Fleer wants.

Where all those binders are going to go, I have no idea.


Dave said…
You can cross 499 off of 1982 and 315 off 1983... they’re on their way!
DMA said…
I have 29 of your 1982 Fleer and 3 of your 1983 Fleer; I can send them to you but need your address. You could email me at The 1982 Fleer are 8, 30, 49, 65, 115, 137, 147, 150, 162, 169, 186, 203, 239, 257, 260, 288, 290, 296, 299, 304, 340, 348, 363, 408, 542, 564, 589, 593, and 601. The 1983 Fleer are 258, 317, and 528.
arpsmith said…
I have 3 of the 6 1981 cards - 218, 267 and 354. I also have 197 of the 1982s you need. A few aren't in the greatest shape but I will let you decide which to keep and which to toss. I will try and get them out over the weekend.
P-town Tom said…
I've got your 1981 #638 Yaz (off center) and #28 Brett going out in the mail today.
I had two Mike Schmidt cards, but they are 5A and 5B. Variations in 1981? Ugh?
Good luck on tracking down the last one!
Chris said…
I'll keep an eye out for any '80s Fleer cards you might need, since I scoured my collection for Dodgers to send you and came up empty. Even when I though I had a couple Traded cards you needed they were the base versions and you only needed gold parallels. I've no idea how that flat rate box I sent you had so many cards that were new to you...but there may be a couple more headed your way. ;)
Fuji said…
That's the great thing about our hobby. One man's junk is truly another man's treasure. Although you'd never catch me throwing any 1982 Fleer cards into the recycling bin, I definitely consider it one of my least favorite sets of the 80's. On the other hand, I'm right up there with you when it comes to appreciating the 84 and 85 Fleer sets. Best of luck with your three legged dog set. I'll double check, but I don't remember having any extra 82F laying around. I do have some 82D and 82T though.
Doc Samson said…
I agree, Mr.Owl. 1982 Fleer has an undeniable charm for being so low end. Kinda like watching the same bad Bruce Willis movie over and over again, even though you know it's terrible.
gregory said…
Not a king's ransom, but I've got the following Fleer cards if you still need 'em.
1982 Fleer 42, 81, 292, 299.
1983 Fleer: 91, 162, 330.
1985 Fleer: 24, 75, 244, 326, 404, 448, 476, 539.
It's a great project to chip away at and good luck with it. I hope somewhere along the way I run into some Fleer cards that might fill in needs.

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