Friday, August 15, 2014

At a standstill

My card collecting never takes a holiday. But if I had to pick a month to put it on the shelf, it would be August every year.

Collecting cards takes cash and August is a giant moth-eaten wallet. There's always a point in the month when I can no longer execute the most basic parts of the hobby. Pack purchases dwindle to nothing, online window shopping becomes excruciating, and the post office workers wonder if my dog finally killed me.

Probably until the month is out, I won't be able to send out any packages. That always makes me feel bad, so I must produce a guilt-ridden list here on this blog of the people that I have cards for:

$30 A Week Habit (oh if I had only)
Base Set Calling
2 by 3 Heroes
Dime Boxes
All Tribe Baseball
All Trade Bait All The Time
Baseball Cards Come To Life!
The Angels, In Order
Starting Nine

Add to that a couple people who don't have blogs and the four or five additional people who have signed up to receive some of my extra Dodgers.

The cards are coming, I swear. But unless I can fit them in a PWE, they're going to stare at me from my card desk for probably the rest of the month.

OK, now that that messiness is out of the way, let's see some cards that somebody sent!

Of course, they're from Cards On Cards. Make a guess on who's sending me cards and one time out of four it's probably Kerry.

This time he sent mostly current Dodgers that plopped right into my collection because I've suddenly turned my nose up on what can be found at Target and Walmart.

Look, those are garden variety Series 2 cards. I made them super big so they would seem interesting to you.

Also, this way you can see Dee Gordon's pink eye black -- I guess it would actually be "eye pink" -- on Mother's Day; Alex Guerrero's left ear before it was Tysoned by ex-teammate Miguel Olivo; and Yasiel Puig making life difficult for the clubhouse man.

I had none of these cards before this package arrived. I don't even know if I can call myself a card collector if I don't have all the Series 2 Dodgers by August.

Look, Kerry even found Target reds of two of the previous three cards. Obviously he's buying packs. My card collecting shame continues to grow.

One of the few 2014 Dodger gold parallels that I own. It's of Carl Crawford. Who can suddenly hit, and even run. You know, like what he's paid to do. I'm glad he finally figured out the employer-employee relationship.

Here is a card that I saw on Cards On Cards earlier (along with some of the others you've seen). It's always good for a laugh because who would expect to see Juan Uribe on any kind of new-fangled statistical rating metric (look at me using fancy number words like "metric", I probably didn't even use it correctly).

But Uribe fields very well. I never worry when a bullet heads to third base because he swallows (purposeful choice of words) everything. And it's fun to say "Juan UZR Uribe".

 Here is the future coveted first Bowman card of Julio Urias, who just turned 18. Someday this card will be the Pujols and Trout Bowman rookie cards rolled into one. I'll be able to stand on my roof and shout out my asking price to the clamoring crowd below.

And Cards On Cards gave it away.

Too bad.

Finally, a card that's not the latest and greatest. But because it mimics a news magazine and because I used to spend Sunday afternoons at my grandmothers reading the Sporting News that she had accumulated, it's better than all of the previous ones.

And with that, I have now added Cards On Cards to the guilt list from above.

At least it doesn't cost anything to make a list.


  1. Wait. Are you a teacher? August sucks for me too. I get paid ten months a year... with July and August being the two months I'm checkless. Luckily summer school covers July... but during the month of August (and most of September), I live on savings.

    1. I'm not a teacher but the wife has a teacher's schedule.