Monday, August 19, 2013

C.A. the review 3 (the championship)

Before I get to the epic championship throwdown, another review of what's going on around here.

Actually, it's not much. Sending out packages is on hold for a week or two until I discover money again. But as always while the packages sit tight, the guilt never stops. So here is a list of folks that will get packages someday soon. I haven't forgotten.

The Daily Dimwit
ARPSmith's Sports Obsession
Thorzul Will Rule
Starting Nine
The Writer's Journey
The Card Chop
Nachos Grande
The Junior Junkie
Royals and Randoms
Texas Rangers Cards
Cards On Cards
Let's Play Two
Jeff the Angels fan, Matt H., Don S., mr. haverkamp (and probably some other non-blogger I can't remember now)

Also, there are the beginnings of packages started for Robert, gcrl, dayf, scott crawford, Roy-Z and others without blogs but involved in email transactions. Probably Twitter, too. Anyway, if I've forgotten someone, let me know in a kind manner.

As usual, I will not cross everyone off the above list until sometime around Christmas. Thanks for your patience (or for not telling me you're impatient).

The packages, meanwhile, keep arriving. The other day I received a package from Corey of Adventures in 1952 Topps and Tim Wallach. He thought he was being cute, so most of the package was this:

Yes, Greg Swindell.

I didn't ask for these, but I suppose I did after getting into a Twitter dispute with Swindell over Yasiel Puig's "hasn't paid his dues" slide into home plate on a walk-off win.

I wouldn't mind getting one or two of these signed just to commemorate the incident. (But then I'd probably have to be a jerk and bring up Diamondback Adam Eaton's walk-off slide into home the other day and I know he likes the Diamondbacks, and that'd be messy).

To get away from me, Swindell told me my opinion was irrelevant because I have never played pro ball.

Well, I'm going to say his opinion is irrelevant because he wore this:

There is just no argument to support this, and I'm not talking about the jacket.

Anyway, that's enough frivolity for one post. We have a serious championship to decide!

As you saw (a long time ago), the 1974 Topps Dave Kingman squeaked out a victory and a spot in the title bout by a very narrow margin.

Here are the vote totals:

1. Dave Kingman, 1974 Topps: 18 votes
2. Joe Charboneau, 1981 Donruss: 15 votes
3. Fred Lynn, 1976 Topps: 15 votes
4. Hank Aaron Special, 1974 Topps: 9 votes
(57 total votes)

Super close.

I noticed that Charboneau jumped out to a sizable early lead, which I didn't expect at all, then Kingman jumped ahead, and then Lynn made a late charge.

I would have voted for Lynn, but I don't get a vote. Even though it's my blog. And I'll have to look into that.

So, Kingman makes it into the final in the quest to make it into the Cardboard Appreciation Hall of Fame.

The championship also happens to be an All-Bay Final! Just like 1989. But no earthquakes this time, please.

Here are your final two:

1974 Topps Dave Kingman


1971 Topps Vida Blue

I love the '70s.

Vote over yonder to the right.

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  1. Vida Blue, for the smile, and the signature, if you can call it a signature.