Monday, September 3, 2012

Things I should be doing

Labor Day is hardly the day to pull out your "to do" list, but my Labor Day is not like others' Labor Day.

For one, I'm working today. Secondly, I avoid traveling at all costs on this day. I used to go places on Labor Day until I realized the insanity around me, and I put an end to that. There are much calmer holidays for traveling.

So, today, in this uncharacteristic frame of mind, is a good day to think but what I've got to do -- card-wise, that is.

If you're like any blogger with a conscious, you write here knowing full well that there are other things in the hobby that require your time. Cards to organize. Cards to scan. Cards to package. And on and on and on.

I wrote a to-do list a long time ago on the blog. All of that stuff still applies. But here are some more specific things to add:

1. Continue to categorize my cards.

I am up to "M" on my grand card-filing scheme. That's why Mike Miley is here. It's a daunting letter of the alphabet. Lots of of Ms have played baseball, and I expect to be working on this letter for a good long time.

Unfortunately, I procrastinate in this activity constantly. I do a good job of filing away all my incoming cards. But categorizing the existing cards in my collection? That is something that I almost never think about doing. It's possible I may never get to "Z."

2. Buy some more 8-pocket pages.

I have some '50s vintage Dodger cards just waiting ever so patiently to join their buddies in pages. But you can't just buy 8-pocket pages down at the department store. You've got to carve out time to purchase them online.

I do not enjoy carving out time to buy pages. BO-ring.

But I'm going to have to do it some day, because it's particularly frustrating that those '50s cards are just sitting out there while more modern cards are comfy cozy in pages.

These ones don't both me so much.

But 1989 Bowman?????

It is an injustice that 1989 Bowman is properly displayed when '50s Bowman is sitting out in the cold.

3. Find pages for my oversized Dodgers.

Once again, I have too many cards just sitting around in boxes that deserve to be protected and displayed.

The oversized cards aren't even in any box. They're just sitting atop some binders letting the evil elements ruin their cardboard wonderfulness.

But once again, that will take some effort on my part to set aside A Page Buying Session and find the special pages for these cards. Koufax isn't going to fit in a 4-pocket page, or else I would've already booted the oversized Russell Martin card I have in one of those pages for Koufax here.

Piazza, here,will need something else, too.

4. Find a box large enough to send the cards to Scott Crawford

Card packages to Scott Crawford on Cards aren't like my regular card packages to bloggers.

They're always epic in nature. I've got hundreds of cards to send him and for the first time I'm without a box to send them. This is a first.

I tried improvising with some items in the garage, but that just got messy. So I may have to just accept my fate and find something at the post office.

And this is why I can't fix the light switch, sweetheart.

5. Scan cards from trade packages

Actually, I'm doing quite well in this area. I have everything scanned, except for one package (sorry, TWTTC!)

6. Send cards to fellow collectors

I'll always be behind in this area. The "outgoing" portion of the desk is always full, with a check-off list with even more names on it.

I also need to go through my email and see which trade offers I've missed. I'm getting worse and worse in this area.

Some day. Some day ...

7. Get my Top Dodger Cards Ever countdown under way

I admit I haven't done squat with this ... and it's not because I don't want to. I really need to get going on this, especially after I obtained this card.

It's in the top 10 for sure.

8. Make a special announcement on the blog

Yup, it's coming. In the next day or so. Something related to the blog. Something semi-interesting. Maybe. Or maybe you won't care.

But at least I'll leave this post with a cliffhanger.

I've always wanted to do that.


  1. Let's begin the guesses as to the special announcement. Your blog/job is being turned into a reality TV show. Unfortunately, Dustin Diamond will be playing one of your workers at the office. Early guests include only Yankees, Giants and Cubs.

  2. I will never get tired of looking at that Game #4 World Series card. It is an epic piece of cardboard.

    My guess of the special announcement is getting to travel with the Dodgers the rest of the season and chronicling the entire trip on your blog. You will also write reviews of the several card shops that you would visit while in the different cities.

  3. I hope we don't have to wait 6 months for the next episode like some of these stupid shows on cable. Umm, yea, I watch some of the stupid shows on cable.

  4. Waiting for them on cable? I just watch them online.

  5. You can't watch the ones that haven't aired yet and it stinks to have to wait so long between seasons.

  6. Pray tell is your new fangled organization scheme that includes Mike Miley????

    Interested disheveled collectors want to know.

  7. Miley's in list item #1. Catalog the Ms!

    Didn't read that far?

  8. Let's try this again. What is your "grand card-filing scheme?"

    Thank you.

  9. I have nothing new or grand about my card filing system. It's a spreadsheet. My backup is a spiral, lined notebook. About as anti-tech as it gets.