Sunday, September 23, 2012

Awesome night card, pt. 154

I've got quite an eclectic foursome for you today, and they're not even all night cards.

In fact, I'm not sure if this card of The Duke is a night card. There ARE a number of night cards in the terrific 1976 SSPC set, true, but I hesitate on this one.

If you look real close, you can see in the background what appears to be newspaper articles or papers of some sort hanging up on a wall or board. If that's what they actually are, it's possible that the photo was taken in a basement concourse of the stadium outside the locker rooms. Those things are as dark as the Holland Tunnel during an energy crisis. Day or night, you'd need lights to take a photo there, especially back then.

Normally the "I don't know if this is a night card" factor would prevent me from officially considering a card worthy of a night card post or binder enshrinement. But c'mon. It's Duke Snider. In an Expos uniform. As a batting coach. On an SSPC card.

Night card it be.

And even though it's not Snider as a Dodger, I value it more than this night card:

Now, I KNOW that this was taken in some indoor studio. No way are those stadium lights for real. Yet another Olin Mills-style card from Panini.

I will throw Panini a bone and classify this as a night card. But it's not going in the night card binder. This is card No. 10 in the set, and I already have a No. 10 for the binder (the Paul Konerko card I showed in the last awesome night card post).

So Panini Kershaw will have to be happy sitting in the Dodger binder.

Yet, this Kershaw card is better than this Kershaw card:

(Can you tell I was on a cheapie card binge on COMC?)

This thing is borderline horrific and as The Cardboard Junkie just pointed on Twitter, features an unfortunate placement of the Donruss Elite logo. It's very much like 1996 Donruss, which I dubbed the Metallic Loin Cloth set.

The only reason I own this card is I collect Kershaw cards. Even ones without logos. Or caps. Or jersey tops. Or grass. Or sun.

These three cards were the last few cards I picked up when making a COMC purchase. I wanted something different, but inexpensive. And all three of these fit the requirements.

So does this item:

It's a 1974 Topps stamp.

I've only seen these online or in catalogs. It's taken me decades to hold one in person. And I had no idea that they were so small!

Everything looks bigger in pictures, I guess. This Ron Cey stamp is the size of, well, a stamp. All perfectly logical, I suppose, so I don't know what I was thinking.

It's pretty cool, and another oddball Cey to add to the collection.

So, there. Four cards. Some cool. Some ick. Some oddball.

Pretty eclectic, eh?


Night Card Binder candidate: Duke Snider, 1976 SSPC, #351
Does it make the binder?: Absolutely.


  1. Lots of cool dodgers in the 74 stamps set. Oddly, no garvey though.

  2. Damn... the Duke looks good in the old bleu, blanc, et rouge.

    And that Cey stamp is cool... I'll have to go hunt down some A's & Padres stamps.

  3. Love the '76 SSPC Snider, I was lucky enough to find that one in a quarter box a few months ago.

    Fuji is right, "The Duke" actually looks pretty good in those '70s Expos uniforms, as odd as that might seem.

  4. COMC is never a cheapie what with their outrageous S&H charges!