Sunday, September 16, 2012

I gotcha!

I've often thought about having my own card-collecting theme song. You know, like when batters come up to the plate and their "walk-up music" starts playing? There should be a song playing when I'm sorting cards.

I already have the song picked out.

It's "I Gotcha," by Joe Tex.

It's a fantastic song, one of those songs that was a "B" side to another song, but then some ingenious disc jockey flipped the record over and a classic was born.

The song hit the charts in 1972 and went all the way to No. 2 in May of that year. Tex wasn't singing about collecting cards. In fact, if I'm hearing the lyrics right, I think what he's singing about might land a person in prison. So, we might as well make this song about cards and then no one gets hurt.

Besides, what sums up collecting a set better than "I Gotcha" as you cross another number off the list? I did that with a few 1972 needs received from Scott Crawford on Cards recently. All of these cards were semi-high numbers, which any '72 connoisseur knows are difficult. So, "I Gotcha" was going through my head as I deleted the numbers. Can't wait to sing the song again when I put the cards in the corresponding pages.

Let's see some of these hard-to-find items:

I gotcha! Uh-huh! HUH!

You thought I didn't see you now, didn't ya? Uh-huh. HUH!

You tried to sneak by me now, didn't ya? Ha, Ha. Uh-huh. HUH!

Now gimme what you promised me.

Give it here.

Come on.


Good god!

Hey, hey!

(OK, this is where I skip a bunch of lyrics because it's about non-collecting stuff like kissing and, well, actions that might end up with a police officer knocking on your door, which is probably why you never hear this song played anymore).

Come on, give it here. UH!

Give it here. Uh!

Give it here. Give it here. Give it to me now.

Good god! Hey!


Joe Tex. A man of few words.

Now, don't you wish you had your own card-collecting theme song?


  1. Best used in the film Reservoir Dogs.

  2. the next time you complete a full set, I want a video of you doing the dance moves from this video....

  3. He's from my area. Still plenty of Arringtons around here.

    Josephson looks odd in a ChiSox uni with the painted RedSox cap. Ugh.

  4. You picked an excellent song!


  5. Every time we go shopping at Aldi I think they should have the Tetris theme song playing by the bagging counters.

  6. What... we're choosing card collecting theme songs? I'm off to iTunes to find mine ;-)

  7. Being the night owl ,I thought your songs would be night related like, Tonights the Night (Rod Stewart),Because the Night(Patti Smith),Night has 1000 eyes,or Night Moves (Bob Seeger).