Thursday, September 13, 2012

I swear I don't make this stuff up

I wasn't going to post again today. It's way too busy, and I figured that after four years, the blog could use a rest. It really works its little bytes to the bone.

But I must acknowledge random acts of awesomeness as soon as they happen.

I received an envelope in the mail today. A simple, little PWE from a reader who sent me some cards not so long ago.

When he sent those first cards, he said he didn't want anything in return. The cards weren't much, he said, and he just enjoyed reading the blog. So I thanked him, wrote him down as a "good guy" in my book of decent people that I keep on my nightstand, and continued to spout off about cards.

Yesterday -- or earlier this morning -- I spouted off about how it was the fourth anniversary of this blog, and I featured a 1957 Topps card of Duke Snider. Snider wore the No. 4, it's retired by the Dodgers, and I figured he was a good mascot for that particular post.

Then I went to sleep, got up, did fun grown-up duties like paying bills and carting out the garbage.

And then I got the mail.

This is what fell out of the little white envelope ...

On the fourth anniversary of my blog ...

That I just wrote about ...

While featuring a card of Duke Snider ...

Who wore No. 4 ...


Honestly, people, how do you DO that?

You're freaking me out.

But aside from the jaw-dropping timing of such an act of goodwill, I am blown away again by the generosity of folks even four years after I've been doing this. It's easy to get accustomed to this kind of thing, because unbelievably it happens a LOT in the card-blogging world. But some acts rise above, so that you're left marveling about this whole world in which we live all over again.

I mean this is a person who hasn't received one card from me ... yet.

His note said, "Hope you can give a good home to this guy."

Don't you worry. Duke has a roof over his head for as long as I know what trading cards are.

Thanks, R.C.


Hell of a way to start off year 5.


  1. Yes,the baseball card blogging community is just amazing at times !!

    Terrific card !

  2. You must have a ton of unused karma.

    Great card, and cheers to the person who sent it to you.

  3. And your 'greatest Dodger Card' lineup must be revised.

    That is a great baseball card.

  4. Great story! That's about the most generous gift I've seen during my time in the blogosphere.

    I also have a copy of that '61 Snider, unfortunately the back makes it look like it's from about 1861.

  5. verrryyyyy fricken nice, brother.
    very nice.

  6. An awesome card for an awesome blogger. The stars were aligned today in cardboard history.

    Here's to another four great years!