Friday, June 10, 2011

I get stuff

You can't be in this blog business for very long before collectors are sending you items "just because."

I take it as the ultimate compliment, that people see something, think "night owl might like that," and take the time to package it up and send it my way.

The vast majority of these packages contain baseball cards.

But sometimes they don't.

I received a couple of unusual packages recently.

The first arrived from Ryan at The Great Orioles Autograph Project. Ryan has been a reader of this blog for awhile, and I always really appreciate his comments. He's one of those guys who will actually let you know that what you wrote may have struck a chord. Not everyone does that, so when someone does it's very cool.

Anyway, he sent an oddly shaped box and I had no idea what was in it. What came out were definitely not cards.

Now, these items weren't scannable, and I have no time to set up a photo studio and take pictures. So I had to find "reasonable facsimiles" online. Here is the first item:

It's a funky sun hat. This item I'm showing is actually for an infant. But my hat is definitely for a grown-up head. It's also blue, not white, and has Dodgertown logos all over it.

My dad wore a hat like this back in the day. I, however, have never worn one. When my wife saw it, she said, "are you going to wear it?" in that way. Of course, I'm going to wear it. I'll probably wear it to a ballgame and make sure she's sitting next to me just so she can try to pluck it off my head for nine innings. We'll make a game out of it, until the ushers throw us out.

This was the second item that Ryan sent. It's a Dodger fleece blanket. It doesn't have this exact wording on it. I just picked the image out because I find the "all are welcome" phrase interesting, in light of what's going on at the Dodger Stadium these days.

The blanket will come in handy, as all blankets do (our dog made blankets his mortal enemy back when he was a pup and we're still recovering).

Now, on to the item sent by Rod of Padrographs.

His package came in a long, large, cylindrical tube, which could mean only one thing:


This is what emerged:

Awesome! Penguin Power! In a very '70s disco font!

I had a Ron Cey poster up in my room when I was a kid for about five years. It was a more traditional poster, showing Cey taking a swing at the plate. But I would've loved this poster, too.

Cey posed for this for a Nike shoot in 1980. Apparently, it was a pretty popular poster. They should have made this into a baseball card. In fact, I NEED SOMEONE TO MAKE THIS INTO A BASEBALL CARD.

I've already scouted out a spot on the wall of my card room for the poster. I'll have to figure out how to move some stuff around, because there's limited space, but Penguin Power needs to be on display!

Thanks to Ryan and Rod for mixing it up a little. I also like that I don't have to record, catalog or file any of it.


  1. Hey, I know that voice. It's the same one my own wife uses when she says "You're not wearing that shirt, are you?" but phrases it so I know she really isn't asking it as a question.

    A guy who'll be married for 15 years in July.

  2. my wife would go for the hat... if only so she would have another excuse to laugh at me.... the cat would claim the fleece... but the poster, the poster would be a no-no.

  3. it's a bucket hat, and very cool...

  4. Those are some awesome gifts.