Monday, June 13, 2011

A card I won't have for long

I found myself at Walmart on Sunday. I don't recommend it. I was looking at book shelves and picture frames and pool filters. So were a lot of other people.

Somehow, I ended up about 18 aisles west and south. Line up the latitude and longitude and you're staring directly at 2011 card product.

On a hunch, I grabbed a rack pack of Bowman and a rack pack of Series 2.

Bowman yielded a green parallel of Carlos Beltran. No big deal. But Series 2 yielded Superman Alomar.

This is one of those legends shortprints. One of those diamond parallel versions of the legends shortprint. Out of my first rack pack of Series 2.

Very cool.

But I know this card won't be in my possession for long.

This guy gets first shot at the card. He's been too good to me.

This guy gets second shot at the card. I've been trying forever to find something he'd want.

If, for some reason, neither wants it, then I guess it's up to the next highest bidder.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to admire the sparkly Alomar while I still have the card.


  1. If nothing else, you'll always have the scanned image of the card. Maybe someday you can go through all your old archived traded-away cards and put together a best-of un-set!

    I'm going through the same thing with my SP Diamond Parallel I pulled (and haven't even posted on). It's already traded and sitting waiting for an envelope! It's not as nice of a picture as the flying spitter.

  2. I'll gladly take slot number three, then scowl at my piles of stuff trying to determine what would be an interesting trade package.

  3. I'm definitely interested in that one. If he passes, let me know.

  4. He was one of my favorite players of all time

  5. I will take the Alomar, it's awesome. Thanks for thinking of me.