Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter mini madness

Easter greetings, readers. I have saved this mini card from last year's Allen & Ginter set for this very moment. See what you wouldn't be able to do if A&G ceased to exist?

But, now that my greeting is over, and you're off to gorge yourself on pig flesh, this card's usefulness is done.

And that means it is immediately up for trade.

As are almost all of my 2010 A&G minis.

Here is why:

I have had pretty good success acquiring the Dodger minis for all of the A&G sets so far. But, for some frustrating reason, people have not been willing to part with their 2010 A&G Dodger minis. Out of the Dodger minis made in 2010, I have three: Rafael Furcal, Russell Martin and Jonathan Broxton.

Here is what I need:

#46 - Chad Billingsley
#62 - Matt Kemp
#65 - Andre Ethier
#79 - James Loney
#220 - Manny Ramirez
#275 - Clayton Kershaw
#336 - Hiroki Kuroda

That is pathetic. It has bothered me for months. I don't understand how I haven't come across these cards already.

So this is what I'm going to do. I am going to list the 2010 minis that I have. If you have one of the Dodgers that I need above (and I'll also take black-bordered Dodgers as I need all but Kershaw, I believe), and are interested in some of the minis that I have, send me an email or make a comment. We'll work out a deal.

I am more than willing to trade in your favor. If you want three minis for one of your Dodger minis, I'll do that. If you want a black-border mini for one of your regular Dodger minis, I'll do that. If you want five minis for two Dodger minis, that's OK, too. Anything within reason. I just need to get these Dodger minis before 2011 A&G hits the shelves. I have enough embarrassment in my life as it is.

One more thing: if I sign off on a trade with you, know that it may take a while for you to receive your cards. I'm still trying to get to some other card packages in the next week or two, and those take priority. But the mini card trades will go out after that. I WILL get to them.

All right, this is what I have. It's not a lot, but hopefully something somebody will like:

Regular-back minis
#27 - Brad Hawpe
#50 - Jason Bay
#120 - Nick Swisher
#150 - Grady Sizemore
#180 - Gordon Beckham
#223 - Jason Kubel
#304 - Carlos Pena
#313 - Ryan Doumit
#316 - Nate McLouth
#329 - Troy Glaus
#332 - Ricky Nolasco

A&G back minis
#3 - Ryan Braun
#56 - Shin-Soo Choo
#74 - Ryan Ludwick
#75 - Jayson Werth
#87 - Alexei Ramirez
#106 - Dustin Pedroia
#121 - Andrew McCutchen
#155 - Carlos Carrasco
#158 - Mark Teixeira
#171 - Michael Young
#195 - Sergio Santos
#201 - Pablo Sandoval
#203 - Sig Hansen
#227 - Henry Rodriguez
#235 - Carlos Guillen
#249 - Alfonso Soriano
#250 - Magglio Ordonez
#264 - Captain Nemo
#253 - Adam Moore
#269 - A.J. Burnett
#297 - Isaac Newton
#313 - Ryan Doumit
#337 - Joe Nathan

Black border minis
#42 - Mark DeRosa
#98 - Johnny Cueto
#166 - Chris Tillman
#168 - Rickie Weeks
#185 - X-rays
#221 - Mike Leake
#243 - Jim Zapp
#262 - Zack Greinke
#293 - Troy Tulowitzki

No-number mini
Angel Pagan

National Animals
NA10 - Bull-Spain
NA11 - Happy Eagle-Panama
NA16 - Leopard-Somalia
NA17 - Camel-Kuwait
NA26 - Gray Wolf-Turkey
NA45 - Italian Wolf-Italy

Lords of Olympus
LO09 - Artemis
LO10 - Gaea
LO12 - Cronos
LO13 - Prometheus

World's Biggest
WB1 - Animal
WB3 - Castle
WB4 - Tree
WB5 - Mountain
WB13 - Country

World's Wordsmiths
WGWS11 - Marcus Aurelius
WGWS13 - John Bunyan

Monsters of Mesozoic
MM2 - Triceratops
MM10 - Brachiosaurus
MM13 - Pachycephalosaurus

Sailors of the Seven Seas
SSS2 - Sir Francis Drake
SSS3 - Sir Walter Raleigh
SSS6 - Hernando De Cortes

Creatures of Legend, Myth and Joy
CLMJ2 - The Easter Bunny

Hopefully, I have listed something there that boils your eggs.

The bunny thanks you in advance.

Happy Easter.


  1. I'm sure I can help you. I'll check my shelf at the LCS. Happy Easter!

  2. I think I sent you that Easter Bunny card...heh.

  3. All I've got is the A&G back parallel of Martin. Not sure if you're worried about back variations or not. If so, I collect Sandoval and Greinke, and I'm always happy to get the oddball stuff (the Bunny's cool, Nemo's cool, and Newton's cool).

    Get ahold of me if you want Martin.

  4. I wouldn't mind taking the McCutchen and Choo off of you, but unfortunately I have a meager A&G collection w/ no Dodgers :/

  5. I have but one Dodger mini, a Jonathon Broxton (mini...right hee hee) SP Black Border.

    I shall send it to you in exchange for another large object, namely the World's Biggest Mountain(and the Michael Young if you'll throw it in).