Saturday, April 30, 2011

Awesome night cards, pt. 109

Yes, the Awesome Night Card series has been hijacked by the Stadium Lights insert series.

That series is the reason why I skipped the Awesome Night Card post last week. It's the reason why I'm showing two awesome night cards again this time. I just can't think of any other night cards until I get this set out of the way.

These two cards came from Adam, who runs a fledgling blog called Big Sexy Cards. I believe the blog title is a tribute to the Bulls' Kurt Thomas. Don't ask me to explain more. I don't follow basketball.

The arrival of Tulowitzki and Utley means I need just two more cards to finish off the set. The Robinson Cano card is on its way to me. After that, all I will need is the Adrian Gonzalez card.

You know what that means.

If you ever want to see any other night cards on this blog again, photoshopped Gonzalez needs to arrive in my clutches. Give up A-Gone, and none of my night cards get hurt.

And then we can all turn out the lights and see the entire set as it was intended.

EDIT: Look what came in the mail today!

Only a matter of time, Gonzalez.

(Thanks, Derek!)


  1. Actually I have to say the photography/photoshopping and idea behind that set is definitely different, but in a good way. If they were only real not photoshopped, it would make the insert set beautiful.

  2. I'll double check, but I think the AGonz is the one I pulled from my one pack of OD...Should have the CYMTO Nebulous #9 too...