Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Popping in

I intentionally used that post title because I hate the phrase. There are many phrases that activate the skin-crawling mechanism for me, and not all of them are uttered by Chris Berman.

Here's another one: "the next level." This is used by hack local sports broadcasters to refer to area high school athletes who sign NCAA Division I scholarships. I recently saw a broadcast about some girls signing to play DI lacrosse, and the on-air idiot didn't say "Division I" a single time. He just uttered "the next level" over and over. Apparently, the girls are signing to play lacrosse on the second floor of their high school.

Anyway, this is a housekeeping post in which I regurgitate some random thoughts such as the one above. Follow along, won't you?

You may have heard that the Dodgers re-signed Hiroki Kuroda yesterday. You also may not care, but I do. This means the Dodgers have four reliable starters in the rotation and can work on what is really, really necessary next season -- an actual offense that, you know, scores runs and everything.

Kuroda's signing also prompted me to look through the last few opening day pitchers for the Dodgers:

2010: Vicente Padilla
2009: Hiroki Kuroda
2008: Brad Penny
2007: Derek Lowe
2006: Derek Lowe

I think it's time to let Billingsley or Kershaw give it a go, eh?

The Kuroda '09 A&G mini arrived from The Collective Troll. He was primed and ready to send me a Nebulous 9 need. Unfortunately, someone beat him to it. Sad and disturbing news, I know. But that's why the Nebulous 9 replenishes itself. It is an equal opportunity want list.

The Troll dusted himself off and sent me these needed items. The Aaron Rowand card is the most recent 2010 A&G need that I have obtained. Four to go! The worst thing about set-collecting is you have to chase Michael Brantley, Ervin Santana, Adam LaRoche and Gary Matthews to complete the set. Player collectors are laughing at me right now.

OK, here are some other housekeeping topics:


I have been terribly neglectful of this particular feature. The main reason is I haven't bought a lot of different types cards this year -- and there is no Upper Deck -- so there isn't much opportunity to track down "the worst." They all look "the same."

Another reason is I don't think anything is going to top the first nominee on this post.

But I'll persevere, just this once.

Oh, no! Alexei Ramirez has just obliterated an entire town with his atomic chili bean fart!

I tried and tried not to rag too much on the Chicle artwork, but this one is too disturbing. I wrinkle my nose every time I see it. I'm so glad my favorite team isn't the White Sox.


This feature has been kicked to the curb because I've got too many features going on, and this one sucks all the time out of me. I hope to one day resume it. So, I've added the "100 favorite of all-time tag" to my one "Best of the '70s" post on Roy White.

He's definitely on the 100 list. I'll get back to it someday.


You didn't know that was a topic? Oh, it's pretty much a daily topic. Here is the latest example:

A few weeks ago, I received a card package in the mail from I Don't Know ... Third Base. I opened it, and a bunch of Cardinals cards fell out.

Since I don't collect Cardinals, I immediately contacted IDK3B and informed him of the issue, you know, in case HE screwed up, because it couldn't possibly have been ME that screwed up. I don't do those things. I never screw up, it's always other people, it's never m ....

Here was the return email that I received:

"That package was from the free giveaway I held ... your name matched up with the Cardinals."


Even after the email I only vaguely remember signing up for the contest. But a trip back to the IDK3B blog confirmed it, I was indeed a winner -- even if I attempted to give back my winnings.

Fortunately, I know a Cardinals fan who just pulled some Dodgers I'd like. That makes all the idiocy on my part go away.

Well, it never truly goes away. It just takes a timeout for a little while. And then it comes back reinvigorated and ready to annoy.


My general avoidance of group breaks has left me begging for scraps. I haven't seen too many cool Dodgers pulled from these group breaks, which is a major, major relief. But I did have to inquire about one item. It's nothing special at all, but I like it:

It's a mini Topps Cracker Jack Nomo from '04. I really like this card. It's my favorite of the Cracker Jack Dodgers, and the mini is extra special.

Many thanks to Chris of Nachos Grande for sending it my way.

Someday I'll be back to doing group breaks a little more regularly.

Incidentally, this is my first legitimate day off in 13 days. It's also why I'm rambling about disconnected topics on this blog.

Isn't it wonderful?


  1. Nice (and goofy) Coleman card! I've definitely received cards from a "wrong team" a bunch of times before, but never an entire package of them - either intentionally or accidentally.

    word verification: petshiz

  2. don't feel too bad... I still need the 2010 A&G Adam LaRoche, and he's one of my three player collections.