Monday, November 29, 2010

Awesomest night card, round 1, part 11

The Awesomest Night Card Tournament continues to put up impressive numbers, if you consider "impressive" to mean lopsided results usually reserved for September college football scores.

This latest week of night card voting was another merciless beatdown. It turns out we have many Johnny Vander Meer fans. Or fans of dimly-lit 1930s ballparks.

The '94 Upper Deck card celebrating Vander Meer's back-to-back no-hit achievement advances easily and might do very well in future rounds. Here is the tally:

1. 1994 Upper Deck Johnny Vander Meer's 2nd no-hitter: 40 votes
2. 2005 Topps Fan Favorites Joaquin Andujar: 7 votes
3. 1975 Topps Game 4 of 1974 World Series: 5 votes
4. 2002 Topps United We Stand Astros vs. Giants: 3 votes
5. 2007 Upper Deck Jason Bay: 2 votes
6. 2004 Topps Tim Worrell: 1 vote

Thanks, as always, for voting. I appreciate every last vote and voter. Even the guy who voted for the Worrell card.

All right, onto to part 11. Here are the next six candidates. I anticipate another exhibition in voting annihilation.

1. 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Carlton Fisk: It's Masterpieces. It's one of the greatest moments in baseball history. It's the first baseball moment that I ever experienced. It will be a tragedy if this card doesn't get every last vote.

2. 2008 Topps Wilson Betemit: Conversely, with this card, it's 2008 Topps, it's a Yankee, it's Wilson Betemit. Voting is not recommended.

3. 2008 Topps U&H Ken Griffey Jr. Season Highlights: Griffey never played in a World Series. What's that about?

4. 1974 Topps Game 4 of 1973 World Series: Rusty Staub, pictured here, was 4-for-4 with 5 RBIs and a home run in this game. Impressive.

5. 2005 Fleer Tradition Adrian Beltre: What are the chances of Beltre returning to the Dodgers? Probably not very good.

6. 1987 Fleer Superstar Specials Dave Parker and Ryne Sandberg: You've got to love the catch-all label. "Former MVP's." I wonder how big a card set you could build using all of the possible combinations of former MVPs? I'd say it would be pretty massive.

That's it for this grouping. I might start pairing up 7 or 8 cards the next time. We've got to get to Round 2 someday.

Poll is up on the sidebar. Be a dear and vote.


  1. If this isn't a more lopsided vote than the last round, I'll demand an investigation!

  2. I'm going to go with #4. I'm a sucker for mid 70's vintage.

  3. I'm a huge Bosox / Fenway fan...Fisk's homer in the 75 WS is a classic moment and worthy of remembering and documenting...and Masterpieces is one of the few UD lines that I actually really really like but there's just a little too much Carlton-butt on that card for me to vote for it.

    #2 is a Yankee. No thank you.

    #5 (Beltre) took out Jacoby Ellsbury last year which was a HUGE blow to my main fantasy team. I have become an anti-Beltre fan.

    #6 actually makes me experience physical pain. Well, maybe pain is a bit strong of a word. But it certainly makes me itch.

    That leaves '74 WS or the Kid. '74 never really did it for me and I rather like Griffey and don't hate '08 Topps as much as some people. So I went with Junior. I know you're right and Fisk will probably win in a landslide. BUT YOU'RE VOTING FOR FISK'S BIG UGLY BEHIND, PEOPLE. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?

  4. 1974 Topps was the first set I collected as a kid. Gotta go with that one. :)

  5. I went with the '74 card myself. Love it. I hate that Fisk card... loved the moment, but that card makes me feel like I'm watching him through my porch screen door and can't have anything to do with the game. That might be the worst thing any card company has done to a "great moment", that I've ever seen.

    In fact, I'm not even sure the other player on the card is a 1975 Reds player... something about him just doesn't look right to me.

    Wait, was the Fenway scoreboard ever electrified in '75? Is that background even from that ballpark?!?

  6. I would have picked Fisk in a landslide but from all the comments above it looks like it may be closer than expected. Whatever, Fisk will wave his way to the next round.