Monday, November 1, 2010

Awesomest night card, round 1, part 7

Could it be that my two least favorite baseball teams in history will win back-to-back World Series? One more win by the Giants and I can tell you, "this stuff only happens to me."

But I refuse to believe a team starting Travis Ishikawa and Nate Schierholtz can actually win a World Series. Until it happens -- if it happens -- I am not convinced.

But let's turn our attention to another hated team. The card that signaled the return of the Yankees, after 11 too brief years away from the postseason, has easily won the most recent grouping of awesome night cards. Chris Chambliss' ALCS-winning shot in 1976 advances to the next round, as I knew it would.

Here is the voting tally:

1. 1977 Topps ALCS Chris Chambliss: 23 votes
2. 1980 Topps Highlights Manny Mota: 10 votes
3. 1982 Fleer Willie Wilson: 9 votes
4. 2008 Topps World Series Josh Beckett: 3 votes
5. 2004 Topps Rookie of the Year Dontrelle Willis: 1 vote

I'm sad to see Mota and Wilson go, but if I need to fill out a spot in the next round, they are candidates I will consider.

Here is the next group of night cards that I will pair off:

1. 1982 Fleer '81 All-Star Game: This is one of my favorite night cards of all-time. Please, please, please vote it through. Just look at those National League road uniforms!

2. 2008 Upper Deck Yorvit Torrealba: Yorvit is a happy guy. Despite playing for the Rockies.

3. 1988 Topps Dodger Leaders Pedro Guerrero & Fernando Valenzuela: Two guys, interestingly, who would have very little to do with the Dodgers winning the 1988 World Series. Still a great card.

4. 2008 Upper Deck Rudy Seanez: Rudy played 20 years in the majors. That still amazes me. He may still be kicking around somewhere.

5. 1990 Score 1989 World Series: The "Earthquake Series." That's what I remember. I remember almost nothing else about it. I barely tolerated the Bash Brothers. And the Giants? See above.

6. 1982 Donruss Elias Sosa: I like this one because it could be one of the first Donruss night cards. Also, you must love the Expos road uni.

OK. There you are. That's quite a mix. I'm not sure which one will come out on top. But I am sure I want you to vote in the poll on the sidebar.

Come on, it's good practice for Tuesday.


  1. Objectively, though, it's better than a lineup starting Griffin, Hamilton, Hatcher, Shelby, Stubbs, and Davis.

    Yes, that's objectively. I get that it's the Gints.

  2. No way the 82 All Star doesn't win. Full field shot, a prade of All Stars, and an American flag make it a shoe in.

  3. That World Series card is actually from 1990 Score, not Upper Deck. I voted for it because how many times does one get to vote for anything from 1990 Score?

  4. Yep, you're right, Bo. Don't know why I wrote UD. I'll fix it on the post, but don't know if I can fix it in the poll.

    I guess the white borders threw me.

  5. I'm voting for the 82 fleer 81 all star game because after staring at it I have this urge to take up smoking.