Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Re-opening the wound

I pulled this card out of the five unopened 2010 Topps packs I won in the Play at the Plate contest. I didn't have to do anything to win them. The randomizer told Brian I won. And you must do what the randomizer says. Do not question the randomizer.

This is one of those Cards Your Mother Threw Out. It's ridiculous really. It is a replica of the 2006 Topps card that was yanked out of the set. Topps was the one doing the throwing out, not anybody's mom. Nobody not named Keith Olbermann could get their hands on the card. So how could a mother throw it out (a fact even mentioned on the back of the card)?

I happen to be one of the lucky collectors who was attempting to complete the 2006 Topps set. In fact, it was the first modern set I collected upon my return to the hobby. And I immediately found out how much the collecting world had changed when I saw a Topps checklist that featured the Alex Gordon card -- card No. 297 -- but knew I couldn't obtain the card.

For awhile, I left a space in my 2006 binder for Alex Gordon, just in case I happened to stumble across one. But the more I collected, the more I knew that I'd never be able to afford the card, and I shifted all the cards in my binder over one so there wasn't a gap at No. 297 anymore.

But it didn't feel right. Topps tried to reassure me by writing "all 659 cards!" when its complete sets hit the stores. Topps considered the set complete with 659 cards, not 660. And so did hobby publications. As the months and years passed, I eventually threw up my hands and said, "OK, I have the complete set." And I was as convinced as I was going to get.

Then I pulled this card.

What do I do with this? I could shift all the 2006 cards back over one space and put the Gordon card in slot No. 297. It looks pretty close to the original, except the foil is gold instead of silver. I might be able to fool a couple of people into thinking I had the Gordon card.

But I'd know it wasn't the Gordon card.

So, it's not going to go in the 2006 binder. Instead, it will remain with my 2010 cards. And every time I leaf through my 2010 cards, there it will be. Taunting me.

Topps, you're mean.

Anyway, thanks for the cards and the contest, Brian. I'll show some of the other cards you sent later.

And speaking of contests, my favorite Olympian, Lindsey Vonn, doesn't seem to know whether she's ready for the Olympics, but I have it on good authority that she does know you should enter this very cool Olympic contest.


Do it for Lindsey. Her husband's a pleasant guy. I interviewed him once.


  1. Sorry the cards opened up such a fresh and grievous wound. I think it's a bit spiteful for Topps to put that card out in that insert set. I was sad for you when I read the first part of the post and sad for me when I read Lindsey Vonn was that matters! Any chance we see her in 2010 A&G?

  2. In an odd coincidence, my take on this card will be posted later today. We're on the same wavelength right now (or I'm just copying you)

  3. Yep I agree the Gordon Card is just topps showing off and being mean:

  4. Write Topps a nasty letter and drop it in the mail with the card.

  5. This card is haunting me too, along with #407 Paul Wilson from 2004 Topps, but I believe that's a bit more easier to obtain.

  6. The dreaded alex gordon card! This Card your mother threw out is really gonna mess me up. and re-prints of cards that came out less than 5 years ago is so ridiculous its not even funny!

  7. The Lindsay Vonn picture reminds me that I lost out on a really good sketch card of her on the eBizzle a few days ago, so the cycle of card torment that topps started continues on.. :'(

  8. Man, I remember buying blasters of 06 Topps because someone said that someone's uncle's co-worked pulled 3 intact Gordon's in one box.

  9. Isn't Topps giving away all the CYMTO? Does this mean they have a Gordon card sitting somewhere? Can they give away a card that doesn't exist?

  10. I'm glad topps released this. I know I would never ever be able to obtain the 2006 topps copy (unless I was really lucky one showed up for auction and everyone else was asleep at the switch in bidding) so at least this insert gives me the opportunity to obtain a reprint copy just to have the "example" in my collection of what the card looked like.

    i'm putting mine in the 2006 set where it belongs, but in a topsleeve whereas the other cards are sleeveless to remind me it's a reprint and not the original release.