Tuesday, February 16, 2010

That's KING lemming to you, good sir

I went back to the store today. The furnace and the toilet needed maintenance. I also picked up two more 2010 Topps rack packs. Yes, I did so mainly to see if I could find another Million Card Giveaway code card. No, I did not sabotage my funace and toilet in order to buy cards.

I did get my hands on a code. It was the Roger Maris code card here. Mr. Maris wasn't too kind to me the last time. He unlocked a 1987 Kevin Bass card. But I'm the forgiving sort and thought I'd give Maris another try.

Besides, the code ended in an exclamation point. Are you like me and think that the codes punctuated with exclamation points will unlock better cards?

Well, if you are, divest yourself from that notion. Here is the card that the Maris/exclamation tandem unlocked:

(*noise similar to getting punched in the gut*)

Can you believe the nine cards I have received so far? It's a good thing I am not doing testimonials for this promotion, because I have not seen anyone else redeem more worthless items. I am 9-for-9 in lousy cards. There are people out there who have redeemed ONE code and landed a 1953 card. Meanwhile, I just keep telling myself I'm saving a bundle in shipping charges.

However, this will not deter me from buying 2010 Topps cards. In fact, I just decided today that I will collect the base set again this year. When I find some time, I'll post a want list. I still enjoy the cards quite a bit. The set's too fun not to collect. I feel like I'm depriving myself if I don't collect it.

Here are the highlights out of the latest rack packs:

(I think this was taken during the National League Division Series last year)

(Oh yes, I will be collecting all the Tales of the Game insert cards)

(This is as close as I get to obtaining the actual card. I have no interest in collecting the '62 set).

(But I do have interest in getting this card one day. This insert takes care of my desire for seeing the '71 Munson in perfect shape. I'll pick up a less-perfect copy one day to complete my '71 set).

(A fantastic-looking card)

There are people who have said they don't care for this set. My response to this is: Whaaaaaaa???????

To each there own. I think the cards are cool. I think cards are cool period. Which is why I will continue to enter codes in the promotion in hopes of finding something from the '50s/'60s/early '70s.

Does that make me a sheep or a lemming as some have said? Yeah, I guess. But I don't see the need to apologize for that. I collect cards. That's what I do. This is a fun, new element to collecting cards. How can I find fault with this or with me or anyone for participating in it? What's not to like about this?

It rocks. Even if all I ever get is junk wax.

(OK, Topps, there's your commercial. Now, give me some better codes).


  1. I had the same need when I went to Target today to grab a picture frame... I got four rack packs (telling myself it's because of the Turkey Reds, which I'm chasing), but really, I just wanted another code card. I got one, and did ok (again). I am totally sure the next code will be a 89 Gregg Jefferies, just to bring me back down to earth.

  2. I stopped to get coffee this morning, upstairs was target so... of course i bought 10 more packs. I'm completing the base and insert sets so... I'm not just code hunting. Anyway. I pulled a 1991 Jeff Brantley.. and a 1953 Art Schult. Making that 7 of 15 redemptions being '72 and earlier. Including 2 1952 cards. Still no Dodgers though. I ebayed some redemption cards at a little over a dollar a piece. Hopefully my luck will continue.

  3. This is obviously Topps' "gimmic" for this year! I love it.It puts a lot of fun back into the hobby and Topps is going to sell a lot of cards.I'm with you Night Owl,I really like this set.

  4. Bleh. Donovan Osborne? As a lifelong Cardinals fan, I pass along my condolences. That guy, like the Maris code and the card you won, was useless.

  5. The million card giveaway has been more fun than I expected, even though I haven't seen too many people showing off cards I'd actually pay to have shipped.

    I need to stay away from WalMart, or I'll probably be tempted to buy packs to look for the Tom Seaver blue back and more code cards.

  6. That punch in the gut must have been similar to the punch in the gut that I felt watching Osborne pitch against the Braves in the 1996 NLCS.

    Speaking of which, the Cardinals made the playoffs last year? Matt Holliday? I don't remember any of this.

  7. I felt that punch today. You'll see later today what I mean.

  8. I happen to have one of those less-than-perfect (but not THAT much less-than-perfect) cards...