Friday, February 15, 2019

Entering the parallel universe

Today is Ron Cey's 71st birthday, and as habit around here, I try to write a post about my favorite player on his birthday.

I also try to obtain a new card of Cey on his birthday. But that's getting difficult.

I've mentioned before that I own most of Cey's cards already and it's not like they're making new ones. So most of what I'm lacking are cards that don't interest me a lot anyway.

For instance, there are a few relics of Cey out there that I don't have. But relics ... meh. They just can't get me to throw that card into my cart. Also, there are some autograph cards of Cey, but how many Cey autographs can I own? I have nearly two dozen already.

There also are a few weirdly shaped oddballs. If I'm in the right mood, I'll acquire one of those. But that urge doesn't come along often.

That leaves parallels.

There are still a fair amount of Cey parallels that I haven't obtained. For example, there is the black&white version of the above Archives Snapshots card from 2017 that I don't own yet.

Around about 2005, Cey started to re-emerge into products and there are a couple parallels there that I don't have.

Then there is the matter of this:

I could pursue all of these parallels although they are all essentially the same card. I have a few of them already so I guess that's a reason to go after the rest.

But as you can see, I'm not all that excited about landing these Cey parallels.

No, there is really only one Cey parallel that I care about. It is parallels of this card:

It is my all-time favorite card. It is the first Cey card that I ever saw.

But I do have most parallels of this card already.

I have the much-treasured mini parallel of this card. I also have the O-Pee-Chee version, two copies in fact.

No, there is really only one other parallel of this card that I still want.

And I ordered it up today.

As you know, I am attempting to complete a 1975 Topps buyback set. I have 40 percent of the set in buyback version, but I know there will come a time when I'll run out of cards to find. There are cards of stars and rookies and such that just don't seem to be out there.

And then there is the Cey buyback. Who knows if a buyback of the '75 Cey was made?

Well, I was strolling through COMC today, just perusing Ron Cey cards for the very sake of this post when I came face-to-face with this:

Holy smokes, that's a 1975 Ron Cey buyback.

I couldn't get that card into my cart fast enough. And then I couldn't hit the ship button fast enough.

So now that card is on its way to me.

What a card to get for The Penguin's birthday!

This, no joke, was the highlight of my day.


  1. The first card I ever saw of my favorite player was an 88 Topps Canseco. Complete with large crease down the center.

  2. Nice '75 buyback. Those buybacks do come in handy after all.

  3. Not my favorite player, but I always liked Ron. I am impressed with his abilities that gained him several All Star starts. Glad you got the Ron Cey card you wanted, but the whole buy back program makes no sense to me.

  4. I am from SoCal and once in the summer of '79 my brothers and I saw Ron Cey on the 101 freeway. He was driving a gold 280Z with a license plate 3B 10. Not super inconspicuous and we confirmed it was him when we drove by. (It was early afternoon and he was heading in the direction of Dodger stadium. They had a game that night.)

  5. How many buybacks of each card are out there do you think? Nice pick up!

    1. No idea. I'm sure for some of the more valued cards in the set there aren't many, if any.

  6. Great find, congratulations! Also, some of those company logos on the backs of the baseball discs are terrific. Thanks for sharing them.

  7. Congratulations on snagging a card you've been wanting for a while. Those discs are outstanding though! I like the back of the Carousel Snack Bar and the front of the Holiday Inn the best. I should look in to getting the various backs for my own collection.

  8. Very nice add! Be careful of the parallel universe, it can be a dark place. I know, I live there...

  9. Yeah, go for a rainbow or two of cards you really like, but you'll get lost in there if you want them too much!

    Must have been in the air. I just ordered up a big batch of odd stuff on COMC last night too. And a little on eBay, and have stuff in my cart on Sportlots. I should really be hung over this morning after all that partying... I gotta cut back.

  10. If you're bidding on this LMK, so I don't drive it up.

    1. Nope. That's one I need but not currently looking for yearbooks.

  11. Congratulations adding that buyback to your collection! I think it'd be pretty cool to chase down all of those discs of one player and display them in sheets.

  12. I have seen most of those disks before but some of them are new to me. I bet there are tons that are not even listed in teh Standard.