Friday, July 14, 2017

Cards someone wants

There is no 2017 Stadium Club at my neighborhood big box outlets. There is no Bowman of any kind. There is no Archives, for crying out loud, which appeared and disappeared in a month (or less) without me seeing anything except rack packs.

At Target, the same stale offerings have been available for weeks -- Series 1 and 2, a smattering of Heritage and Bunt (plus all the non-baseball products you could ever hope for).

At Walmart, there is the same, plus large gaping holes where product should go.

I've stopped at the card aisle to soothe my periodic ripping fix three or four times now and left empty-handed each time. These are not cards I want.

Today, we're holding a yard sale. I quickly boxed up some sports cards that I'm sure none of you would want and added them to the sale. Usually cards vanish at yard sales instantly. But the boxes are still sitting in the yard untouched. These are not cards anybody wants.

What's going on?

Can't we find a card match? Cards I can receive that I like? Cards I can give that they like?

Well, maybe we can't in real life.

But that's why there is the internet.

For years I have been receiving cards that I like through the wonders of the webs and providing cards that others like (at least I think they do) via the same instrument. It's the perfect way to conquer the frustration of the retail stores and old grannies who don't know a good deal on cards (OK, there's some 1990 Donruss in those shoeboxes).

Recently, I received an envelope of cards from Nick of Dime Boxes and, wonder of wonders, there were cards there that I wanted!

OK, someone beat him to sending this card. And the wonderful Seager up top (where he seems to be mentally dismissing the Giants fans behind him).

But you know Nick, he's going to find something that fills the void!

Here is another Seager that I had yet to accumulate. Now, forever, I will know the very disorienting sight of a Dodger blue uniform adorned in pink.

And, yes, even though Frankie Montas is long gone from the Dodgers (and never pitched for them anyway), I still wanted this card of him.

Anybody remember Yimi Garcia? Anyone? I have like a half dozen autograph cards of him. But I didn't have this sparkly ice thing until Nick sent it. The want is gone.

One of those cards I didn't even know I wanted (there is also an Upper Deck version of this same Jeff Weaver configuration). Thank goodness Nick saved me from that distant day in the future when I'd stumble across this on some online site and start grumbling to myself.

OK, I have both of these already. But this was enough to add the '04 Timeless Teams Dodgers needs to my want list because I waaaaaaaaaaaant to complete this team set now.

Finally, this beautiful thing. Leaf decided to make an insert set in the style of the fantastic Sportscaster cards of my youth, but shrink them down to typical card size. Then it did a cruel and vicious thing by serial-numbering them to tiny numbers. I have another Gagne from this that is numbered to /20. What the heck?

This one isn't quite that bad, but still numbered to /45. My goodness, why are all the great ideas serial numbered????

But, to look at the positive, it is a card want satisfied.

I'll put out those shoeboxes of cards in the garage sale again tomorrow as hopeful as ever that someone who wants them will come along.

And next week, I'll probably check out the card aisle again, hopeful that the prospectors haven't snapped up every damn box with the potential to contain a Judge or Bellinger.

Hmmmmm ... maybe I should write "JUDGE INSIDE?" on one of the yard sale shoeboxes.

Because the only thing stronger than card want is card hope.


  1. I too have hit the same big box store drought but luckily they still have baseball repacks and some discounted hockey blasters I might pick up. Nice cards as always from Nick.

    If you don't sell the shoeboxes at the yard sale, consider either donating them to Goodwill or sending them off to Commons 4 Kids.

  2. This year has really been strange, retail-wise. I've had the same kinds of experiences at my local big box store -- almost no Archives and very little of other sets besides the standard Flagship. I can't remember any rookies creating as much of a stir in the hobby as Judge has.

    Glad you enjoyed the envelope and happy to hear there were at least a few in there you needed!

  3. The only Wal-Mart inside Portland city limits (as far as I know) stopped bothering with sports cards awhile ago. And the Targets around here are pretty much in the same sad state (flagship and that's all).

  4. I'll usually buy two maybe three blasters each year. Haven't found any 2017 blasters outside of a couple of Topps Bunt (which I love). I just threw all of my Target gift cards into my wallet in hopes of finding Archives, Stadium Club, or Gypsy Queen blasters sitting on the shelf. To be honest... it's mainly for Mr. Judge. Although... I'd be happy to pull a few Ryon Healy cards too.

  5. Living where no baseball cards are ever sold anywhere those yard sale boxes sound great. (Although I do have some Don Russ 90!)

  6. From the description of your big box stores I would have sworn you lived near me. I never saw a shoe box full of cards I didn't make an offer on. I couldn't find any at yard sales today. I guess you're not in my neighborhood.

  7. I totally forgot about Yimi. Crazy that he's still on the 2017 Dodgers hiding on the 60 day DL.