Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ace in limbo

I received this card from Brian of Base Set Calling a few days ago. It's one of the National Anthem insert cards from Opening Day. These are tough pulls. One per 210 packs, I believe.

This was a generous send and I appreciate it even more now because as I'm writing this I have no idea what Clayton Kershaw's status is for the rest of this season. I need some good Kershaw news. Hopefully, a month absence is all he needs to be back to dominating the rest of major league baseball.

This sudden bad news is one of those twists and turns that happens every season. A week ago, the Dodgers appeared invincible, as invincible as I've ever seen them. And then their ace goes down with the potential lto expose the rest of the starting staff in all of its weaknesses.

But enough of my rooting angst. You all have your own favorite team problems. Let's see a few more Kershaw cards from Brian!

More Opening Day. This is from two years ago. It features the celebration after Kershaw's no-hitting of the Rockies in 2014. There is no visible sign of Kershaw in this photo, which is kind of dumb. I'm pretty sure some of these cards are made just to get a reaction out of me.

FIRE! Clayton is ON FIRE! Or throwing fire. The really hot blue kind that dissolves gloves.

Not cards, but stickars. The one on the left is new to me, meaning I can stick the one on the right onto whatever/whomever I choose.

I'm done with Kershaw cards now, but let's continue with stickers. This is from last year's MLB-neutered Wacky Packages set.

Beanball!!! My all-time favorite Wacky Pack! This is a chromed-up version, which makes absolutely no sense. It's sTupid.

I received a couple of new Adrian Beltre cards, too, including one announcing his decision to break my heart and sign with -- what? -- the Mariners??

I know I need this card. But I'll have to look up what year it's from (all the legends insert cards blend together).

This scanned like mud. Leaf Certified had no idea we'd be blogging about these things.

Brian made sure to send some night cards to add to the binder. The McCann card is already there. I'm really hoping the Blackmon card gets there.

And finally, a healthy offering of 1975 buybacks! Still very excited about these!

The three on the top were needs, which, of course means, I am your man if you're looking for Steve Braun buybacks.

I now have 162 buyback cards for the 1975 Topps set and still hope to land a few more soon.

By then, I hope this Kershaw fretting is all behind us.


Not looking forward to several weeks of nothing but 4 1/2-inning starts.


  1. Well, let's see, the Dodgers have temporarily lost the best pitcher in baseball. The Mets have lost.......everybody. Started spring training with 7 solid starters and the 2016 Saves leader as our closer, and now we're down to deGrom. I think I'd much rather be in your position than in ours. What are you gonna give us for Addison Reed? The bidding window is open, but there are lots of teams interested.

  2. Was totally bummed about Bumgarner earlier in the season... and he finally returns. Now Kershaw. I hope he's only out a few weeks. I was really pulling for him to win that 4th Cy Young Award.

  3. the Kershaw will be a pricey addition to the frankenset...eventually. Good thing the #8 slot already has a card, even if this one is better.

  4. You have more 75 buybacks than I have 75s. Night Owl = 75