Monday, February 6, 2017

C.A.: the review 4 (the championship)

I don't know about you, but I'm quite pleased that football is done for another year.

I like football. I enjoy watching it and can appreciate good games and skilled players. But there is so much extra garbage with football that there didn't used to be that at this time of year I have just got to get it away from me. Yesterday's game made me long for classic teams in classic uniforms with absolutely no regard for halftime shows or commercials.

But you know how I feel. I can tell by your choices in Cardboard Appreciation The Review 4.

We are now down to the championship round and the two final candidates speak to the "good old days" as well as anything.

First, let's see the results of the second semifinal round:

1. 1970 Topps Jose Laboy, 35 votes
2. 1976 SSPC Luis Tiant, 14 votes
3. 1976 SSPC Joe Hoerner, 10 votes
4. 1972 Topps Traded Steve Carlton, 4 votes

The Laboy card enters the championship easily because it's filled with things we once loved about baseball. Montreal Expos and monstrous rookie trophies and guys named "Coco".

The Laboy card will be going up against another card that contains elements of baseball that you may never see again.

Home plate collisions, head-to-toe gold uniforms and pitchers on the basepaths.

The winner of this vote-off will enter the Cardboard Appreciation Hall of Fame as a testament to the way cards and baseball once was and why it was great.

Please cast your vote in the poll on the sidebar.

And before you think this post is all about looking back, remember that the end of football means one thing above all else:

Baseball is only a few weeks away.

Time to look forward, everyone. Something really great is coming.


  1. The Laboy may win for its sheer beauty. I went hardcore with my vote. Collision all the way.

  2. I managed to avoid all pregame aspects of the Super Bowl. It is one of my greatest feats!

  3. I was vote #48. The poll is currently tied 24-24. Damn...

    I went with Corrales BTW.

  4. In the event of a tie. Is there OT.