Monday, May 16, 2016

The truth comes out

A little while ago, I sent this 1955 Topps Warren Spahn card to Wes at Jaybarkfan's Junk. It received the expected number of oohs and aahs, and I'm glad I was able provide something memorable to the man who has sent a whole ton of notable cardboard to me.

But I hope nobody got the impression that I have cards like a 1955 Warren Spahn just sitting around. Spahnie hasn't been residing in my collection for the last dozen years, waiting for just the right occasion for me to spring it on someone.

Spahnie card 10 years ago: Is it time?
Me: no
Spahnie card 7 years ago: Is it time?
Me: nope
Spahnie card 3 years ago: Is it time?
Me: no sir.
Spahn card: 1 year ago: Is it time?
Me: Yeaaaa ... no.
Spahnie card 3 weeks ago: Is it time?
Me: (cackles with glee): Yes! Yes, the perfect time!

I think most of you know night owl and his collection by now. I'm a collector of modest means. But I do luck out once in awhile, and I know what to do when I do.

The Spahn arrived from reader R.C., who has been kind enough to send me a number of vintage cards in the past. Most of those cards have been Dodgers, but Spahn was the exception. Since it didn't fit into my collection, I knew it had to make someone else happy. Mission accomplished.

The Spahn arrived with three other notable cards, all of the Dodger variety. Here they are:

A very nice-looking 1984 Donruss Fernando Valenzuela. Long live the '80s wave.

A gently creased 1954 Bowman Pee Wee Reese. Wooooooooo, what a pretty card.

And a 1951 red back Duke Snider. Areyoukiddingme?

Pretty great stuff, speaking as a Dodger collector.

Now, I'll let you in on another secret:

I own all of these cards already.

Valenzuela is in both the Dodger collection and the complete 1984 Donruss set. Pee Wee resides in a binder, too, which I very nearly forgot while in a card show haze last month and almost plunked down some cash for a second Pee Wee. So there could have been three '54 Bowman Pee Wees in the collection now. And the '51 Duke is the centerpiece of a terrible story from my high school years.

So all three of these cards are available for trade.

A word of warning: the Snider that is available is the creased variety. I've lived with the sour memory of that card for long enough. It's time for someone else to have a little share of night owl history, if they so choose.

Thanks, R.C., for temporarily adding to my artillery.

I admit it felt weird having a vintage Braves card of such stature in the house.


  1. There's one more package on the way. The oddball lover in you should enjoy the contents.- R.C.

  2. I'm in need of the duke. Fairly certain we can work something out.