Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I wasn't aware

I was informed a couple of weeks ago that April was Wantlist Awareness Month.

I had no idea that a month was dedicated to such a worthy cause. Imagine my embarrassment as a collector.

Also, Wantlist Awareness Month has come and gone and I'm only informing people of it now.

Some ambassador I am.

The person who told me about Wantlist Awareness Month is Dennis of Too Many Verlanders/Manninghams. And to properly celebrate the month, he found six cards off my Nebulous 9 list and sent them to me!

I've mentioned many times how useful a "most wanted" list is on a card blog. I know that people don't have time to go through pages and pages of wants from a team collector who also collects sets. The Nebulous 9 is the frozen dinner of want lists! And just as tasty!

I try not to make the Nebulous 9 wants too difficult to find. Once in a while I'll throw a toughie on there just because I know some people think nothing of throwing 60-year-old cards around. But, most of the time, these are cheap, easy-to-find cards.

And, as a bonus, you're probably sending me a card that has been a headache for quite a while!

Let's see what Dennis sent:

I dedicated a post to this card earlier. It completed the entire Tales Of The Game/More Tales Of The Game insert set from 2010 Topps.

Here is another Babe Ruth card. Can you imagine me -- a known Yankee-hater -- having two Babe Ruth cards on my Nebulous 9? The things Yankee-loving Topps will force a collector to do.

This Ruth card was the last non-SP card I needed for 2014 Allen & Ginter. By no means do I consider this set complete. I'll be going after the last few SPs from the set soon. Then, if I'm not completely sick of Allen & Ginter by then, you'll see a 2015 A&G want list.

A particularly pesky card. The 2003 Finest set is my all-time favorite Finest set, so I've been aware that I didn't have the Hideo Nomo card for years. What I've had is the refractor version of the card (it's silver instead of black on the bottom). In fact, I have two or three different copies of that refractor Nomo. One of the great frustrations in life is owning a parallel copy of a card but not the base version.

When I placed this card on the Nebulous 9, I thought it'd complete the Dodgers team set from 2001 American Pie, but I'm still lacking the Duke Snider card. I'll probably force that onto the revised Nebulous 9 soon.

I'm guessing it took so long to obtain a mid-1990s Collector's Choice card because Pedro Martinez is on Ramon's card. Of course this still doesn't explain why I still need #336 from Collector's Choice, which is ... um, Roberto Kelly.

Oh, Swell, sometimes you're not.

Casey Stengel here -- there aren't enough Brooklyn Dodger cards of Stengel -- finally finishes off the 1990 Swell Dodgers set. Both 1989 and 1991 Swell are a long way off  from being complete. But let me enjoy my Stengel for a little while first.

After receiving these six cards from Dennis (as well as a handful of random Dodgers), I've quickly built back my Nebulous 9 to a proper nine cards. Funny how I'm always wanting cards, huh?

Also, regarding that Wantlist Awareness Month?

OK, that's a bit of a relief.

But now I'm thinking it should be a thing -- aren't you?

(P.S.: Blogger is being goofy about its publishing again. Last night, something I published at 8 p.m. didn't show up on people's blog rolls until 7 a.m. the following morning. I hope everyone knows that a night owl ain't publishing anything at 7 a.m. So please check your favorite blogs for updates).


  1. "I was informed a couple of weeks ago that April was Wantlist Awareness Month."

    Typical, these awareness months happen conveniently after that month has passed. Lol ;).

  2. Anything that has to do with "awareness" means I find out about it after it is over.

  3. "One of the great frustrations in life is owning a parallel copy of a card but not the base version."

    A-freakin-MEN on that.

  4. I am completely unaware of things such as this until someone makes me aware of it, in which case I then become aware instead of being unaware. Confused? Me too.

  5. I had no idea there was such a thing. Now I am aware... and will most likely forget by the time the next one rolls around.

    1. Yeah, that seems likely.

      I move that we designate March as Wantlist Awareness Month Awareness Month.


  6. Blogger is doing the same thing to me. Quite frustrating.

  7. Great stuff from Dennis. He is a good dude.

    Sometimes if a post didn't go live as scheduled I've found that going under the edit function and then hitting update helps.

  8. Even though it's something Dennis made up... I feel compelled to finally publish my wantlist. It's something I've been meaning to do for awhile now... but was too lazy. Thanks to you and Dennis for the inspiration.