Friday, May 13, 2016

Off with their heads!

This is the kind of blog title that I would have liked to have reserved for when I complete this set. But with the number of card obsessions I have, who knows if I'll ever complete it or get to use the title.

Between searching for '72 Topps needs, and cool Dodgers from my childhood, and cool modern Dodgers, and awesome oddballs from the '70s, and finishing a couple of 2015 sets, and vintage, vintage, vintage, I've done very little with my sole 2016 completion task.

That quest is to complete the 2016 Heritage tribute to the 1967 Topps Stand-Ups test issue. It's an insert set -- of course -- but it's just 15 cards, so it shouldn't be that tricky.

I pulled the Arrieta card myself back during my first Heritage purchase this year.

Now, finally, I have two more -- one-fifth of the set complete -- thanks to The Writer's Journey.

Here we have a player whose name sounds like an Italian pastry and a guy who should be a party planner because he seems obsessed that the fans are having a good time.

And there's the reason I shouldn't be collecting modern sets these days because I seem to have a problem with half the players in every modern set. This particular set includes Bumgarner and Posey and Greinke and like 13 Cubs. What in the world am I doing?

But I love the look of them and I love that they're similar to a set that is impossible to collect. Sure, the fact that they don't actually punch-out and stand up is a bit of a bummer, but it's not like I was going to stand them up anyway (if I somehow land doubles, I'll modify them myself so they do stand up, and then I'll stage a battle to the death with them and post the results here).

Overall, it's good  to know there's actually something I like about 2016 baseball cards.

OK, that's enough of that. I'm off to stare longingly at some 1972 Topps high numbers.


  1. I too wish they actually punched out and stood up - it would just feel like a more authentic tribute that way. Also, I like Arrieta's chances in that battle to the death.

  2. If you do land some doubles you should call it the "Battle of the Doubles" or "Off with their Heads" still works.

    I can guess the probable outcome of the battle should one of the doubles be a Giants player.

  3. I can't help but wonder... For the person who casually collects Heritage and is unfamiliar with the original set and the concept of standups... What do they think of these cards? Do they scratch their heads at the odd design and the strange lines around the disembodied head and below the colorful box?

  4. Great looking set. If I didn't have so many sets on my plate already, I'd consider building it too.