Monday, January 6, 2014

Far away

Welcome to the nadir of the sports year for me. Not only do I annually dislike tonight's overinflated, borderline nonsensical college football "championship" game for reasons both professional and philosophical, but it's also the point of the year when I feel the farthest away from my one true sports love. Baseball.

I think it has something to do with the holidays being over. Before the holidays, you have the postseason and then the awards season and then the winter meetings season. Then there are festivities to take your mind off no baseball. Then those go away and you are left with ...



We busy ourselves with that college football thing and Hall of Fame histrionics and head down under for the Australian Open, but what we really want -- what I really want anyway -- is baseball. On the field. Green grass. Sunshine. Play ball.

In several weeks, at some far off distant point in southern Florida or Arizona/California, pitchers and catchers will report. That will be The Beginning.

But right now I couldn't be more out of touch with what's going on sports-wise.

I thought I'd show some current Dodgers that I received from Twitter buddy Fernando to try to get myself into the baseball spirit.

OK, that's a bunch of prospects. That's not helping much. But at least they're all needed cards. After all, how much Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects am I buying? The answer is "none."

These get me in more of a baseball mood. I sure do love new Sandy Koufax cards. The second card had me searching around a little bit for confirmation. Then I remembered that it was one of those thick "Elite" cards you could pull out of a box of Topps this year at your favorite hobby shop. But since I don't have a favorite hobby shop and can't blow money on boxes, I have to accept hand-outs like this.

I am eternally grateful.

Fernando also sent nearly two-thirds of the '82 Fleer Dodgers set. I have all these already but I know I can use some for needed upgrades. And there's always the chance I may try to complete '82 Fleer some day so I will use them when the time comes.

All of these dudes also helped the Dodgers win a World Series title in 1981, so that makes me happy.

I'll try to remember that when I'm waiting for the stupid college football game to end. Maybe I'll bring one of the cards with me into the office. The one with the most stats. I'm sure I'll have time to read every last number.

I'll also remember what I often say at the end of tonight's game.

"The death of college football means the birth of baseball isn't that far away."

Just get here quick.


  1. I don't know why, but I love the 82 fleer set.

  2. Amen. Feel the same about the BCS game.

  3. 82 Fleer qualifies for the "so bad it's good" category.

  4. I enjoy the '82 Fleer set as well...blurry photography and all.

  5. 82 Fleer people. If/when you ever decide to work on 82 Fleer, let me know. I can help

  6. Love seeing the new Koufax's as well. One of my favorite pulls of the year was this one,

  7. NFL playoffs ~ great but short-lived. Hockey ~ meh, since the reorg, the league is designed to favor the (loathsome) Penguins. Basketball ~ no thanks. Not into tennis or soccer or any of the college sports. So after the Super Bowl, there's not much left for a while....definitely need more to do in the card room.