Saturday, January 18, 2014

Awesome night card, pt. 205

Here is an unusual card from Chris of View From The Skybox.

It's a pretty cool night scene from the 1995 Phil Rizzuto's Baseball National Pastime set put out by Comics Images. It's an all-chrome set from back in the day when we were supposed to call it "chromium," in as reverent a voice as possible and then "ooh" and "aah" afterward.

Like all of the images in this unlicensed set, it's a picture of a bygone era. This is Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, which was home of the Pirates from 1909 to 1970. It doesn't exist anymore and neither does its replacement, Three Rivers Stadium, which was imploded in 2001. Three stadiums in 31 years seems a bit excessive if you ask me.

But back to the card. In hand, it's fairly dark. Holding it under a light brings it to life. It seems like one of those cards that if you kept it under a light for awhile and then went into a darkened room, it would glow in the dark. Sadly it does not (yes, I tried).

In an attempt to bring out the image more, I took a couple of snap shots. They failed. But I'm not above showing my failures on this blog.

There's your ghost stadium.

And there's your "ooh, look at the pretty lights ... OH MY GOD, I"M BLIND!" stadium.

But you get the idea. It's a card you can play around with, and I don't have enough of those cards.


Night Card Binder candidate: Forbes Field, 1995 Comics Images Phil Rizzuto Baseball National Pastime, #5
Does it make the binder?: Sadly, no. It must compete with this:


  1. Ever thought of a "Kinda Nice Night Card" binder for those that just end the bride's maid and not the bride?

    1. I have a couple extra pages for night cards I especially like that can't make it in the frankenseries. This one will probably go there.

  2. Maybe three ballparks in 31 years is excessive but thank god they've gotten ride of all those awful astroturf monstrosities. BTW it's strange to think that Dodger Stadium is now the third oldest in the major leagues. And that the other two California teams are right behind.

  3. I'm honored that it was in contention, but it'd take a lot to beat out that Fisk card.

  4. Ana Lu sent me a bunch of those Rizzuto National Pastime cards. I'd never seem them prior to that (1995 saw me out of the hobby and baseball for that matter). They are actually pretty cool.

  5. It doesn't look like you'll be adding any cards to your Night Card Binder... since I can't imagine there being a lot of cards out there that will beat out that Fisk. That's one helluva card... although I gotta admit, I like that "chromium" Forbes Field too

  6. I've got an insane amount of those Phil Rizzuto chromium cards. If anyone wants some, just hit me up.

  7. I have the complete checklist and those stadium cards are pretty awesome! At first I was not that into the set but then I 'saw the light' and it's one of my favourites!