Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I don't feel like posting one bit

Work sucks. People suck
Not in the mood to post here
But Beardy sent cards

This Gallery card
Makes me smile a little bit
On a bleak black night

At a loss for words
Even after seeing this
'80 Donruss? Wha?

Shiny Padilla
All diamond-infested
That is a good thing

At last, Fatty Jones
Achieving something worthwhile
Sucking for Yanks

A card of Piggy! 
An All-Time Fan Favorite!
An on-card auto!

So there you are friends
A trade post haiku for you
Lame. But work is killing me.


  1. Blogger people don't suck. Sometimes real life people do.

    Great auto.

  2. Snider didn't play in 1980 and Donruss didn't make cards in 1980, so that card makes perfect sense. To someone, somewhere.