Sunday, July 10, 2011

Awesome night card, pt. 115

I believe that Reggie Jefferson is taking his fielding stance at first base in a major league stadium. But the lighting in the photo on this card gives me the impression that he's in a minor league park.

That's appropriate because right about now I should be taking in another Syracuse Chiefs game. No, it's not a night game, but the tickets were FREE, so I'm willing to suspend the night owl act for a day.

The Chiefs, still the Triple A affiliate of your beloved Washington Nationals (still no Strasburg, still no Harper), are taking on the Lehigh Valley IronPIGS today. When I told the female members of the family that the Chiefs were playing the IronPigs, they both scrunched up their nose in that "ewwwwwww, yuuuuuuckk" way. But they'll get over it.

I don't know what else to expect. I'm hoping for a game as interesting as last year.

But I know I don't have a lot of time, so here is a quick look at who I am most interested in seeing:

The IronPigs are the Phillies' Triple A affiliate and feature former Dodger "hopeful" Delwyn Young, as one of their power hitters. Once again, I'm tempted to bring one of my several Young autographed cards and see if I can get my autographed card autographed. But I doubt it will happen.

The IronPigs (I'm seeing how many times I can write "IronPigs" in this post) also have Brandon Moss on the roster. That's mildly interesting because I saw Moss in last year's game when he played for Indianapolis in the Pirates chain. He hit a grand slam in that game.

OK, that's not even mildly interesting.

I also didn't know that Josh Barfield was still in pro ball until I saw him on the IronPigs' roster. Also 2008 baseball card rookie mojo player Brian Bocock is on the IronPigs. Excitement!

And, of course, the IronPigs are managed by Ryno. I'm hoping he'll make a few on-field appearances today.

The Syracuse side isn't as interesting, because, well, the team's connected to the Nationals. And they aren't nicknamed the IronPigs.

They've got hot-shot Steve Lombardozzi, who I know as Steve Lombardozzi's son (the 25-year-olds in the audience just stared blankly at that last sentence). They've got Chris Marrero, who I saw on TV last week and looks pretty good.

As for former major leaguers, there isn't a lot.

There's Greg White. Don't hear much about him anymore.

And there's today's starting pitcher, the former Devil Ray, Blue Jay, Oakland A, Chicago Cub, etc., etc., Chad Gaudin. At least I can root for him now that he's not a bleapin' Yankee anymore.

(I remember Gaudin being affiliated with some buxom babe who may or may not have been an internet creation. Anybody remember that?)

The IronPIGS, meanwhile, are starting Tyson Brummett.

Yeah, I don't know who that is either. I suppose you're not supposed to know the minor league starters for the Phillies. It's not like they're required in Philadelphia (although Vance Worley blanked Syracuse last night).

But as usual, I'll be there for the game more than the individual players. I probably won't even buy any cards this time, unless something strikes me.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. I'll be enjoying mine.

IronPigs! IronPigs! IronPigs!


  1. Update: IronPigs 5, Chiefs 2

    Ex-Dodger Delwyn Young 3-for-5 with two doubles.

    IronPigs' Bocock is some kind of fielder. The Chiefs, however, are not.

    Got no cards. But got my free taco.

  2. This 25 year old stared blankly at my screen.