Monday, December 6, 2010

Awesomest night card, round 1, part 12

Phew! With all the talk about Carlton Fisk's booty on the previous Awesomest Night Card post, I started getting concerned that, first, I would never be able to look at this card the same way again, and second, that this card would somehow LOSE after all the backside analysis.

Fortunately, most people think with their heads and not their ... um, you know ... and the Fisk Masterpieces card advanced rather easily to the next round of the Night Card tournament.

Here is the lowdown:

1. 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Carlton Fisk: 29 votes
2. 2008 Topps U&H Ken Griffey Jr. Highlights: 6 votes
3. 1974 Topps Game 4 1973 World Series: 6 votes
4. 2008 Topps Wilson Betemit: 1 vote
5. 2005 Fleer Tradition Adrian Beltre: 0 votes
6. 1987 Fleer SuperStar Special Dave Parker/Ryne Sandberg: 0 votes

OK. This is where I speed things up a little bit.

I want to get stupid Round 1 over by the end of the year, so I'm going to feature 10 cards in the next grouping. I'll do that through the end of December and that should get me to Round 2 next month and you'll actually have something to do in January.

Hopefully, you'll be able to focus on 10 cards enough to pick the best one.

Anyway, here they are:

1. 2007 Topps Classic Combo Sean Casey and Placido Polanco: Oh and that Pujols guy, too. But why mention him?

2. 2001 Upper Deck Vintage Night-Gamers Troy Glaus: I have a soft spot for this card, obviously.

3. 1975/76 SSPC Willie Davis: I think I'd vote for this one if I had a vote (no, I do not vote in my own polls. How pathetic do you think I am?)

4. 2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Tiger Woods, night variation: I still have this card. Anyone want to take it off my hands? Anyone?

5. 1990 Score Nolan Ryan: You can't go wrong with Nolan. I think I have a better Ryan night card that I haven't featured yet.

6. 2000 Fleer Tradition Season Highlights Brent Mayne: Mayne is a catcher pitching. You must love this card.

7. 1975/76 SSPC Ed Goodson: Two SSPC cards on one post! This card is in my Dodger binder, even though he is obviously in a Giants uniform. It says he's a Dodger on the back. I heard Ed Goodson wanted it that way.

8. 2002 Donruss Originals Kevin Brown: I displayed this card to demonstrate how much I did not enjoy Kevin Brown. But I could make a pretty good case for Paul Lo Duca, too.

9. 2010 Topps History of the Game First Night Game: I absolutely applaud the subject. But that ain't a picture of the first night game.

10. 1986 O-Pee-Chee Don Sutton: It's OPC! It's Don Sutton! Oooh, this going to be tough.

So there you go, a whole mess of night cards. Ten of them!

Is your head spinning?

Oh, stop whining you big babies.

Time to vote on the sidebar at right. Be quick about it.


  1. That Kevin Brown card is disturbing. The way Kevin is standing. He's uncomfortably close to Paul Loduca. Ugh. It's the kind of picture that could give me nightmares.

    I love the Sutton card. He looks like a twenty-year veteran struggling to throw an 84 mph fastball. It's classic. Plus, he still has a hint of the white man afro coming out the back of his hat. This card gets my vote.

  2. I actually need the tiger woods night variation for my goodwins. i haven't looked to see what you need in a while, drop me an email and we can work something out, i'm sure.

  3. Tough choice between Willie Davis and Brent Mayne. Since I have a soft spot for catchers (especially backup catchers), I go with Mayne (even though he was more of a platooner, than a backup).

  4. This is going to be a tough one. I say Ryan gets it on name popularity. I myself think the Woods card looks nicer though.

  5. None of this set popped out at me as a clear favorite, so I went with Ryan. I almost went for the '07 classic combo (which sounds like I'm ordering from the McDonalds menu) simply 'cause it has Pujols in it... but, naww.

  6. That Brent Mayne card is cool. He's one of my CMC guys. Maybe I'll have to track that down sometime here.

  7. I love true action shots. I don't think "pitcher action" counts because pitchers do the exact same thing from the exact same spot a hundred times a game. It's a lazy photographer's action shot. How often is a photog in position for a rundown? That makes the '07 Classic Combo stand out (the photog was out of the pit for that shot), but after ranting about the Fisk-fanny last week I probably should pass on a double-rumper. That leaves Glaus. (Even though the Combo is a better shot.)

  8. Hm, Kevin Brown and Paul Lo Duca. Two guys who are linked strongly to steroid use.

    Tiger Woods. Golfing. Really?

    The first night game and a picture unrelated to it.

    A guy without a hat. Hatless means any sport.

    Those four are at the bottom.

    One stands out as superior in my mind. To the poll I go!

    Guard my Sprite. God knows it can't guard itself.