Monday, December 13, 2010

Awesomest night card, round 1, part 13

What's this? A night card post in the late morning hours? Someone is on vacation!

Last week's 10-card Awesomest Night Card Tournament post worked fairly well. As suspected, Nolan Ryan emerged the winner. It's very difficult to be beat a Nolan card.

Here are the results:

1. 1990 Score Nolan Ryan: 20 votes
2. 2000 Fleer Tradition Brett Mayne: 6 votes (I was rooting for this one)
3. 1986 O-Pee-Chee Don Sutton: 5 votes
4. 2007 Topps Classic Combo Sean Casey & Placido Polanco: 4 votes
5. 2010 Topps History of the Game First Night Game: 3 votes
6. 1975/76 SSPC Willie Davis: 3 votes
7. 2001 Upper Deck Vintage Night-Gamers Troy Glaus: 2 votes
8. 1975/76 SSPC Ed Goodson: 2 votes
9. 2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Tiger Woods: 1 vote
10. 2002 Donruss Originals Kevin Brown: 0 votes

No votes, Kevin Brown! No votes! Foreshadowing of your Hall of Fame vote next month?

Ryan heads on to the next round, which means it's time for part 13 and another selection of lovely, vivacious night cards.


1. 1991 Upper Deck Dante Bichette: This guy has the distinction of being on a card that's a night card both front and back, and the only player during my four-year spin as a fantasy team owner to actually DO something.

2. 2009 Topps Updates & Highlights All-Star Evan Longoria: One of the few players to be featured more than once on a night card on this blog. Quite an honor. I'm sure he'd rather have all his teammates back.

3. 1981 Fleer Bob Mattick: This card amuses me for Mattick's "Why Am I Here" expression in Yankee Stadium.

4. 2009 Upper Deck OPC black border Dustin Pedroia: The card that convinced me to collect the entire '09 OPC set. Still about 15 cards short.

5. 2001 Upper Deck 1970s Decade Ozzie Smith: Someday I'll finish off this set, too.

6. 1988 Topps Big Mike Schmidt: I go back and forth over what I find more annoying in my collection, oversized cards or undersized cards. Right now it is oversized cards.

7. 2003 Bowman Garret Anderson: Hoo-boy. Anderson. The guy is even frustrating me in collecting the Topps Update Dodgers. I used to like him.

8. 1990 Upper Deck Wade Boggs: Not your average card, although I'm glad the multiple-exposure fad of the 1990s has ended.

9. 2005 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion Kris Benson: Another 1990s fad, die-cuts, updated for the new century.

10. 1997 Fleer Million Dollar Moments Chipper Jones: This card is actually a crummy commercial. But it's a night card so we're still friends.

That is quite the grouping, eh? I have a favorite, but I'm not going to say which one or it'll skew the voting, meaning no one will vote for it.

Poll is on the right.


  1. I'm a sucker for an Ozzie in the old McDonald's uni.

  2. Bobby Mattick - the Admiral Stockdale of managers.


  3. I'm a sucker for Ozzie Smith especially not in a Cardnials jersey but my money is on Mattick.
    One its 1981 Fleer a great first try by Fleer. Two Bob and I have been having a staring contest since you posted him and he keeps winning.

  4. I'm sad to see Ozzie's card winning if only because UD didn't even bother to color correct the red failure from the original negative. Boggs all the way- color correct on all exposures! -Andy

  5. I myself want the Pedroia to win but I'm guessing Ozzie wins and probably rightfully so.

  6. A great player and a great set -- gotta go with the 1988 Topps Big Mike Schmidt card

  7. Thus was a tough one for me. I think I'm going Ozzie though. That card is so damn...YELLOW.