Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Team colors: Indians

There is only one color I think of when I think of the Indians. It is not blue. It is not white. It is not even orange or pink, which are the colors that Topps linked to the Indians repeatedly during the '70s and '80s.

The color I think of is red.

I see no other color scheme. The Indians can claim all they want that blue is part of that their uniform, but it does not register with me.

Why is that? Oh, you'll see in a minute.

But first, here is the rundown of the colors that Topps associated with the Indians for the years in which it used specific colors depending on the team that was featured.

1964: blue, yellow and black
1965: blue and black
1966: red and gray
1967: light blue
1968: gray and red
1969: gray and magenta (yes, magenta)
1971: green and red
1972: pink, yellow and light green
1974: red and yellow
1976: orange and pink
1977: pink, orange and blue
1978: green and pink
1979: pink and blue
1980: pink, red and yellow
1981: orange and blue
1982: pink and orange
1983: orange and purple
1984: purple and orange
1985: red and blue
1986: red
1987: red
1988: red, blue and pink
1989: pink and purple
1991: red and gray
1992: red, blue and gray
1993: red and purple
1994: orange and blue
1998: red
2000: red
2002: red and blue
2003: red
2004: red and blue
2005: red and blue
2006: red and blue
2007: red and blue
2008: red and blue
2009: red
2010: red

You may have noticed a theme in these Team Colors posts. And that theme is that it took Topps until the 21st century to get its color act together.

So let's see if it was too little too late. The verdict:

Indians team colors: red and, I guess, blue

What Topps thinks are Indians team colors: red and blue

Was there any doubt?

Jackie Brown looks like he just got done swimming in a cranberry bog.

(The tally: Red-23, Blue-15, Pink-9, Orange-7, Gray-5, Yellow-4, Purple-4, Black-2, Green-2, Light Blue-1, Magenta-1, Light Green-1)

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